Obama has a bracelet

    Obama had to stutter for a few seconds and then read the name on the bracelet to remember the soldier’s name. How sad is that? My sons had a calling to join the Army. Both front line. I can tell you that they could care less what I thought. In fact, they would be embarrassed if a Presidental candidate had said anything about “stopping a | Read More »

    Another missed opportunity for McCain

    I was watching the debate last night and Lehrer asked Obama how he would “rule the country as President”. Obama responded “I would rule…”. When the question shifted to McCain, I wanted him to say something like…Jim, I am asking the citizens of this country to elect me as their President. Presidents serve their fellow citizens, kings rule over their people. This idea of a | Read More »

    Shame on CNN

    CNN should be ashamed of the way they are following the Presidential Campaign. They blatantly present the Democratic propaganda and even have the nerve to publish polls that were primarily Democratic participants. Why would they feel committed to conduct such a childish poll? It’s apparent that the “big dogs” at CNN have their hands in the hip pocket of the Democratic camp and that in | Read More »

    CNN poll showing Obama won debate weighted 14% plus Dems

    Well we all know by know that the debate is only a sideshow the real war is in the spin afterward. Perhaps that is why CNN showed a debate poll showing Obama winning the debate by a large margin. Of course that is easy to understand when you know that the poll had 41% Dems, 27% Rep From Newsbusters Everybody is talking about this poll | Read More »

    Michael Halperin Wants To Have Obama’s Baby

    Our old friend Mark Halperin is at it again. After spending much of the 2004 campaign with his eyes locked on Democrat talking points as firmly as his lips were bonded to John Kerry’s posterior, Halp-less has released his ‘analysis’ of last night’s debate. (see http://www.time.com/time/printout/0,8816,1845106,00.html) There are echoes throughout of the infamous October 2004 memo, where young Mark directed the ABC news organization to | Read More »

    McCain Never Once Looked at Obama

    [Which was done, at great length. Let me assure the author: it was due to slight contempt, mixed with the certain knowledge that it'd tick people like you off.] [The fear? Sorry, that's just projection. I mean, why would McCain be afraid of somebody so willing to follow McCain's lead? - Moe Lane]

    McCain clobbers Obama in debate

    John McCain came out of the Presidential debate looking Presidential, knowledgeable, experienced, and a man of sound judgment. Obama came off as repetitive, dangerously inexperienced, and desperately making puerile interruptions. A few major talking points we should have out of this victory: When Obama was repeteadly asked what he would cut, he segued into a laundry list, Christmas wish list of everything he would spend | Read More »

    Policy Wonk versus Action Man

    As the households across America digest the debate many heard last night, I’m sure many conversations will be had between spouses. And, as we all know, time will tell who won this debate. The results may show within the polls, although these are likely going to be skewed and hard to decipher due to the extreme economic issues we are now facing. As I sat | Read More »

    The Win-Win debate

    By now most of us have seen the debate and the inevitable spin. Our eyes (and our general conservative leanings) tell us that McCain won the day. The liberals claim that Obama mopped the floor with McCain, and the media calls it a draw/advantage Obama. Who’s right? Everyone.

    Senator McCain Survives His Weakest Debate Topic, Foreign Policy

    The conventional wisdom going in and coming out of last night’s debate is that foreign policy would be Senator McCain’s strongest subject, his best chance to shine. I think that is wrong. There are reasons why a point of view becomes conventional wisdom, and those reasons are obvious here. The polls show the public has more confidence in Senator McCain vis a vis Senator Obama | Read More »

    MI Morning Update 9-27-2008

    38 Days Until Election Day September 27, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE…It’s in the books and we got an even clearer picture of what an Obama presidency will mean for America…higher taxes in the mist of an economic crisis…billions in new spending we cannot afford…withdrawal without victory…willingness to sit down with theleaders of terrorist regimes. Senator McCain shown that he is a leader with the | Read More »

    They watched the debate at the New York Times

    Perhaps the New York Times‘ editors had asked Adam Nagourney and Jeff Zeleny to write something more-or-less objective about last night’s debate, and they are fine for the first several paragraphs, but then they slip into a bitter and disgruntled mode: Mr. McCain, in the kind of misstep that no doubt would have been used by Republicans against Mr. Obama, mangled the name of the | Read More »

    Round 1: McCain Upends Obama

    The first presidential debate mirrored the campaign itself. Barack Obama came across as smooth and reassuring, while John McCain was feisty and knowledgeable. The voters thus must decide whether style or substance is more crucial this election year. And they must choose the latter in these trying times. It was being said beforehand that Obama needed to hold his own in order to ‘win’, and | Read More »

    What McCain needs to do in the economic debate

    I have to agree that Obama won the economic debate last night. McCain should have won handily on foreign policy – that was no contest, and Obama only had to be credible in the end. Given the current situation, the economic trumps all else as we start to see the effects trickle down to Main Street. What does McCain need to do? (1) McCain needs | Read More »

    Oh Johnny Oh.

    Aside from the initial nervousness, the two who would be President delivered predictable performances last night and at the conclusion of the exchange the dynamics of the race had not changed one iota. McCain has substance, Obama has form. Put political philosophy aside and the two of them might have made a great father-son team. McCain missed an opportunity to hit the ball out of | Read More »