Tommorow’s the Turning Point

    Tommorrow’s gonna be the turning point in the election. It’s a Town Hall debate, kinda like what McCain had wanted before, but Obama cowered from. McCain dominates at Town Halls, because he’ll actually answer the questions. Just watch while Obama starts going “um, uh… John’s absolutely right, even though I completely disagree with him” Tommorrow’s debate is gonna be so much fun to watch!

    McCain Now Has To Follow Through …

    So McCain has finally(!) seen the light on letting Obama and the Democrats off the hook for their enabling of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I sincerely hope he fired whoever it was that told him it was a good idea to cower behind “Bipartisanship” and hope the issue goes away (sure does sound familiar, don’t it?). The only issue now is whether he would | Read More »

    Debate Provides Direct Access To The American People On The Economy

    The debate on the economy needs to be short and sweet. McCain must use short, strong, concise, kitchen table language and avoid sounding like a P.H.D in economics. However, he should use that debate time to earnestly direct people to his website. He should say in essence – please visit and you will see my 2006 statement on impending financial crisis. You will see | Read More »

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    McCain’s Hurdle for Debate #2

    On Thursday night, Governor Sarah Palin cleared the credibility hurdle she faced in the estimation of swing voters, even earning some begrudging kudos from Democrats. On Tuesday night, it’s John McCain’s turn to do the same. The Teddy Roosevelt-style populist rhetoric about earmarks and Wall Street greed is an okay warm-up act, but McCain needs a show-stopper. McCain should speak to Obama in that same | Read More »

    The truth about Debate polling

    With the media so blatantly relishing their self-appointed roles as Obama cheerleaders, it’s quite difficult to get a good enough read on public perception of the debates. So far we have had two debates (McCain/Obama & Palin/Biden), and if we believe the polling data, Obama and Biden are the respective winners. However, I did notice something peculiar in the reaction to both. In the first | Read More »

    Domestic Debate Questions

    The economy is an important issue to be sure but this election also marks, potentially, a dramatic shift in what American values are. Barack Obama has a vastly different than what I believe most Americans think. Part of the problem is that no one has asked Barack about these things and as a result most people think that he shares the same values as everyone | Read More »

    McCain: Let’s foreclose on Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac

    Senator McCain for the past two days has been turning up the heat on Obama’s connection to Fannie Mae (Franklin Raines) and how we’ve ended up in this financial “rescue”/”bailout” conundrum. I strongly urge the good Senator to consider calling for an independent commission to investigate the shenanigans with both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac coupled with a call to “foreclose” on those institutions. It | Read More »

    Help John in the upcoming debate

    **Some of my suggestions: How did a wealthy young Senator, seeking the support of his Pastor, walk past Pastor Wright’s table of CDs and DVDs, week after week, year after year, without buying one? Ask Obama how he feels about Pastor Wright’s assessment of him as “a politician who will say whatever he needs to, to get votes.”


    Joe Biden Checks out Palin’s Chest

    I cannot believe he is so blatant. He was enamored with her all night. It was so funny.

    Sarah Palin Won The Debate

    Sarah Palin won last night’s debate, hands down, but not for the reasons you think. Although she had Biden from her entrance, with her “Nice to meet you, can I call you Joe?”, she REALLY had him on his heels on several occassions leaving him with nothing but, “yeah but” types of rebuttal. But that’s not why Palin won.

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    Submit Questions to Brokaw for Tuesday’s Presidential Debate (deadline today)

    They are still taking questions for the townhall debate that will take place on Tuesday, but the deadline is TODAY. I’m sure that they are getting liberal questions at a rate of 100-1, considering that it’s and that the left tends to spam such things. But although Tom Brokaw will be the one to make the final selections, I don’t think it’s a bad | Read More »

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    Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin did a wonderful job last night. She did not lose her cool, and stuck to the facts, and acted on a professional level. I did not like it that Gwen Ifill was the moderator, but for the most part, she seemed to play it fair. Except I heard she told Biden he did a great job, and didn’t tell Sarah the same. God | Read More »

    Sarah Palin won last nights debate, and the LAT’s response confirms it

    The myopic editorialists at the Los Angeles Times must think Sarah Palin defeated Joe Biden in Thursday night’s vice presidential debate. Their post-debate editorial, when read between the lines, indicates as much: Gov. Sarah Palin shared a stage with Sen. Joe Biden and for 90 minutes skirted the edge of the abyss but avoided the plunge. Luckily for her, their debate Thursday night avoided serious | Read More »

    Biden soiled himself when he accepted Obama’s Veep offer

    I have a confession to make. I like Senator Joe Biden. I disagree with his politics, of course, and find him a one-man circus. Yet there is something about his essential weirdness that makes me overlook Biden’s terrible policy positions and his inflated ego. Therefore, I had to wince when a man who, despite himself, has a sense of honor (at times) agreed to run | Read More »

    Palin Zaps the Ancient Media

    “She killed,” Reagan speechwriter and *Wall Stree Journal *columnist Peggy Noonan said colloquially of Sarah Palin’s performance in the vice presidential debate. And so she did. Palin killed the biased Ancient Media. After weeks of attacks from every liberal quarter, along with a systematic belittling of her roots and character, Palin sucker-punched *The New York Times *and all the rest with a smile on her | Read More »