Biden soiled himself when he accepted Obama’s Veep offer

    I have a confession to make. I like Senator Joe Biden. I disagree with his politics, of course, and find him a one-man circus. Yet there is something about his essential weirdness that makes me overlook Biden’s terrible policy positions and his inflated ego. Therefore, I had to wince when a man who, despite himself, has a sense of honor (at times) agreed to run | Read More »

    Palin Zaps the Ancient Media

    “She killed,” Reagan speechwriter and *Wall Stree Journal *columnist Peggy Noonan said colloquially of Sarah Palin’s performance in the vice presidential debate. And so she did. Palin killed the biased Ancient Media. After weeks of attacks from every liberal quarter, along with a systematic belittling of her roots and character, Palin sucker-punched *The New York Times *and all the rest with a smile on her | Read More »

    What will Tina Fey do now?

    From an Associated Press analysis of last night’s debate: Given Palin’s performance, the debate begged one last question: What does Tina Fey do now? Given Palin’s performance last night, what is the AP going to do now?

    It’s time to crush Senator Obama

    Senator McCain needs to come up with a “quip” for the next debate to counter every Senator Obama attempt to connect him to President Bush. Senator Obama is playing “hang man” and every statement he makes that Senator McCain is associated with President Bush is a stick in the hanging the man. Perhaps this would work when Senator Obama spews garbage, “there you are again, | Read More »

    Biden’s Plan to Kill the Housing Market.

    I may be a bit out of touch, after all it has been nearly ten years since I went through a bankruptcy, but Biden’s comments regarding bankruptcy and mortgage lenders through me for a loop.He said, and I am paraphrasing, “I not only want to give bankruptcy courts the power to force lenders to lower the interest rates for those who can’t pay their mortgages, | Read More »


    If Governor Palin were the one to call Bosnians “Bosniacs,” as Joseph Biden did tonight, we’d hear absolutely no end of it. So why is it, I wonder, that nobody is even going to CARE and subject Biden to the kind of mockery that any Republican who said such a thing would be subjected to. Had Palin said it, I have no doubt that it | Read More »

    3 Things for the Next Debate

    Three Things for the Next Debate McCain must stress that a tax on the wealthy is a tax on the economy and a tax on the economy is a tax on everyone. Just like a rising tide raises all ships, a rising tax raises all tax brackets. There has to be a coherent response to this “taxing healthcare” charge now raised in both debates and | Read More »

    Simple…Sara Won, Biden Lost !!

    Sara Palin clearly won this debate tonight. It was sickening how good old Joe Biden had to resort to outright lies regarding John Mccain’s and his own voting record. Sara’s simple direct message is 100 times more effective than Joe’s canned and rehearsed liberal doctrine. Does America really want to return to the failed policies of yesteryear?? Been there done that. It is time to | Read More »

    McCain Message: A Cr*p Sandwich

    Here are a few thoughts regarding upcoming opportunities for McCain: Use a good phrase “Obama thinks America’s hate of George Bush runs so deep that he can sell a cr*p sandwich of tax increases and surrender.” Continue with an appeal to the middle “Bush has made some huge mistakes, and many times I’ve called him on it, but if you are consistently opposed to someone | Read More »

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    Palin’s Performance: Exceeded Expectations (By Quite A Bit) … But She Didn’t “Win”

    I’m a tough grader. Palin did not win. But she certainly did not lose. I’ll be honest; I don’t believe Palin “mopped the floor” with Biden (who I actually think came off rather well) at all. What I do think is that she did good given that she was not as regularly opportuned with the last word as her opponent was. And personally I would | Read More »

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    I’m not that great at talking about politics but as a conservative voter, I really like Palin as the Vice President Candidate. She speaks well and she has a positive attitude that appeals to people. She can relate to many people because she is a working mother, wife, has a son going to the military, and many other things. It’s very impressive that she has | Read More »

    Vice Presidential Debate — In Case You Missed It

    The following comments were recorded as I watched the Vice Presidential debate live on Fox News. My comments on the debate as a whole follow at the end.

    Pray for Possibly the Most Persecuted Christian Sister in America

    I’d encourage Christians to pray for Sarah Palin if not as a politician, then just as a sister in Christ. She clearly entered the fray not knowing how entirely the media and the American left were set on totally destroying her and her family. They have already decided the spin is that she is Dan Quayle Mark II and are clearly going all out to | Read More »

    3 things Palin must do

    There are 3 things Palin must do tonight in the debate: 1) Expose Obama’s tax plan and WIN2) Expose Biden’s Past Foreign policy credibility and WIN3) Lay out the energy plan in regards to the new american economy and jobs and WIN!

    Sarah cannot play it safe.

    **No matter how well Sarah does in the debate, the networks in the tank, and the print media, will continue to slam her with their left wing rant. Hopefully, enough people will get the info correctly through FOX, radio, and the few publications that report on news without attempting to create it. Sarah cannot play it safe. Ties will not put McCain ahead. Sarah has | Read More »