“I have a bracelet too!”

    If “I have a bracelet too” isn’t going to be fodder for future SNL skits, then there’s no justice in this world.I can see it now. “I’m wearing argyle socks too!” “I am wearing underwear too!”That was about the most forceful, direct statement Obama made all night, and it was entirely inappropriate. Was Obama trying to contradict, somehow, McCain’s very moving testimony, in which he | Read More »

    Well, *that* was a relief.

    Sorry: I got comprehensively shut down on the internet about 40 minutes in, so you all had to lose my deathless prose. Such as it was.First impressions: Obama was prepared, but not comfortable – and he got less and less comfortable as the debate went on. There were at least two or three times where he tried to needle McCain, and about four or five | Read More »

    McCain wins, but let’s ask the media

    It was impressive to watch John McCain hold his own on issues of the domestic economy while moderator Jim Lehrer lingered for almost the first 40 minutes. I saw McCain smiling and anxious to speak, while Obama alternated between staged confidence, mock impatience, and outright anger. Obama could not shine, but neither could score a knockout. Obama blamed Bush/McCain, but McCain, I think, successfully ejected | Read More »

    First Impressions

    Having to go to work in the rainy Maine AM, I am only watching the first question in this historic debate. The first response from Obama provided an insight to his speech-writers accumen. Mcain’s response was less scripted and more down to earth. Let me know what you think.

    The “Uhs” return

    Everyone knew what the first question would be. It sounded, on radio when I was listening, that Obama had a scripted statement. The second question, the uhs have returned. He’s just not that good on his feet. Nonetheless, Senator Obama is looking more at the camera than John McCain, which is a plus.Man they are both makeuped!

    The Debate Live Blog

    Has McCain successfully thrown Obama off his game by doing the Washington trip?Will we get a lot of populist pablum tonight? I bet so.Take a shot every time Obama claims he supports the surge.Shoot yourself in the face if McCain goes after the free market.In any event, let’s get the beer chilling, the bourbon poured, and start this chat.WARNING: Taking a shot each time Obama | Read More »

    What McCain Needs To Do Tonight

    I had thought out in advance a week ago or more what John McCain needed to do tonight. But for better or for worse (in a macro sense, for McCain, probably worse) the financial crisis and McCain’s decision to double down on getting a deal done in DC, followed by his unsuccessful game of chicken aimed at getting Obama to postpone the debate, has totally | Read More »

    And as we get ready for the debate…

    Remind me never to wish for a shakeup in the race ever again. You’d think that I’d have learned my lesson in 2000, when I hoped that the election wouldn’t be the usual “we all knew the answer by 9 PM” lopsided victory. Clearly, somebody listens to my errant whims – and, yes, that worries me, too.But seriously: this is going to be different; say | Read More »

    John McCain’s Success This Week

    There will be great conjecture over the weekend about what exactly, if anything, Senator McCain accomplished by suspending his campaign and heading to Washington DC to work on an economic rescue plan. Well, I’ll tell you what.

    The Debate is Back On

    McCain says there is enough progress that he will debate. Meanwhile, he’s taken Obama so far out of his zone that the debate should really be fun tonight.We’ll be here with a live blog for it tonight. The McCain campaign has also issued the following statement:John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign was made in the hopes that politics could be set aside to address | Read More »

    McCain needs to go to the debate

    I think missing the debate will give the media ammo that they don’t need. If McCain goes to the debate, he can try to work in economic policy and take the credit for getting the ball rolling on the bailout plan. Because of McCain’s bold move yesterday, more attention and pressure have been placed on Congress and the White House to “get it done.”That’s probably | Read More »

    Obama can debate himself!

    He has changed his position on Iraq and Iran alone so many times there is ample material for him to debate himself. You know he can be the guy he was before June and then he can be the guy he has tried to become after June.

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    I don’t think that I believe the Palin debate substitution rumor, myself.

    It feels a little… forced, not to mention too cute. I can understand why people would believe it, though: it does fit in nicely with the already-established fact that Senator Obama’s foreign policy and executive experience is better compared to the GOP’s Vice-Presidential nominee, not the Presidential one…[UPDATE]: It’s been suggested that I promote this, so that people can argue about it in comments. Have | Read More »

    9/26 Debate Prep — Name your questions

    The One campaign emailed me a petition to sign and send to Jim Lehrer, moderator of this Friday’s first presidential debate. The One question they’d like to have the candidates answer is “What would you do to combat global poverty?”John McCain’s answer should be, “Continue to identify people like George Obama, my opponent’s half-brother, who lives in a shack in Kenya and reportedly gets by | Read More »


    Matt Rooney | September 20, 2008VISIT BLOG.SAVEJERSEY.COMSenator John McCain needed a perfect week to defend his post-Palin/convention bounce. Instead, fate handed the Republican-hopeful a week straight from hell. With the Iraq War waning and gas prices driving inflation, Americans’ economic fears were already elevated and vulnerable to media-induced exacerbation.Now we’re frustratingly right back to where we were before the Democrat Convention. Senator Obama didn’t recapture | Read More »