McCain Strikes Out Looking

    I hate to be such a downer, but let me announce this now: the election is officially over and Obama, who has never even been a contributing member of the economy, has won. I don’t like it, but McCain just lost his last chance to break away from Obama. One difference between the two is supposed to be that McCain is going to clean up | Read More »

    My hopes for the VP debate, a hump day musical interlude

    Metallica w/Cliff Gretchen Wilson/Alice in Chains



    Gwen Ifill, the moderator for Thursdays Vice Presidential debate, is releasing a book detailing the spectacular rise of Barack Obama. Appearantly, the McCain camp was not told this when the debates were being negotiated. How wrong is this? What would happen if Hannity or Limbaugh were offered up to moderate? Where is the out rage over this gross example of bias? This is just another | Read More »

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    A Call To Arms

    I think it goes without saying that Senator McCain took Barack Obama to school last week in the first Presidential debate. I don’t know how anyone who watched the debate could say otherwise. Obama spent more time stammering, interrupting, and turning red than he did actually providing any useful information to the voters. Senator McCain was very articulate and amazingly prepared for someone who was | Read More »

    Can she do it again

    Well the polls are trending down, and spirits are sinking. It reminds me of post obama convention pre mccain convention. And then came Sarah Palin, our great hope. Now what I ask? Sarah who? Can she do it again? If she hammers biden and more importantly obama in the process are we back in this game? I was very nervous pre palin speech. I am | Read More »

    McCaining Sara…

    I was watching the news emphasize a story that Sara Palin’s popularity has dropped in the polls. Also mentioned was her performance responding to questions from reporters. This, of course, prompted some thought about the causes of this drop. The possible reason that causes me the most concern is “McCain”izing Palin.

    Advice for Palin

    Sarah if at all you get these message from redstate, we are in agreement that you being you is what has invigorated this campaign. Please take the following sugesstions to heart. * Humble yourself and you will be exhalted, admit your limits but show how you will overcome them. Such as tuteledge fom McCain on foreign policy.

    Experience: How The Debate Reveals Obama’s Unpreparedness

    Now that the First Presidential Debate is over and we have all had time to listen to the mainstream media punditocracy lend their spin on the debate to their candidate of choice, some major issues arise for Sen. Barack Obama that highlight his inexperience, poor judgment, and overall unpreparedness to be President. Overall, the debate itself was substantive. I feel the time spent on the | Read More »

    Debate One-liners for Sarah Palin

    Here are some things I’d like to hear Governor Palin say during the debate, and if others have better ones, I’d love to hear them. Obviously, some of these are just fun to imagine and would probably cause more trouble than they’re worth. But we can dream, can’t we? ON THE ECONOMY “The economy is as likely to grow when you raise taxes as hair | Read More »

    Presidential Debate

    I thought it was incredibly disrespectful that Obama referred to Senator Mccain as John. While, Sen. McCain is his elder, an experienced politician, and a war veteran. It would have been common courtesy for Obama to have referred to him in a respectful manner. Senator McCain on the other hand addressed Obama respectfully, as Senator Obama, even though Obama is not overly deserving of his | Read More »


    First Presidential Debate Analysis

    The first presidential debate was an impressive exchange between the two candidates. This debate was on foreign policy. Well, it was supposed to be. Jim Lehrer completely disregarded the rules governing this debate and decided that the first half should be on the economy. Now before the debate, I realized that given the current financial crisis we find ourselves in, obviously a little ammount of | Read More »

    Psst! Senator McCain, A Debate Is No Time For “Bipartisanship!”

    When the time came for McCain to let the American know how the current crisis came about, he demurred and instead went populist, going on and on abstractly about Wall Street and greed, when the fact is that financial houses were compelled to give housing loans to people with little prospect of paying it back. The role played by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in | Read More »

    Who “won” the debate is irrelevent

    During the first debate of 2004, George Bush was universally declared the loser of the debate. He lost his cool, looked uncomfortable, and seemed to give off an air of “why do I need to be here with this wannabe?”. Let’s be honest, a lot of us on the right watched the televised version of the debate and cringed. We thought Bush had done “ok”, | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

    37 Days until Election Day September 28, 2008   QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Sen. Obama has the most liberal voting record in the United States Senate. It’s hard to reach across the aisle from that far to the left.”…and…”I don’t even have a seal yet.” – John McCain MORNING UPDATE: SUNDAY MORNING TALK SHOWS…for a summary of the shows, see below. MORE DEBATE ANALYSIS…MCCAIN SCORED | Read More »

    I don’t have my own seal yet, what did yours cost?

    Roughly a few thousand votes per day, I’d estimate. When Barak Obama mischaracterized (lied about) Kissinger, I expected the “I served with Henry Kissinger. I know Henry Kissinger. Henry Kissinger is a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Henry Kissinger!…And look for Dr. Kissinger to verify this publicly before daylight.” Then B.O. stunk up the joint with yet another broken promise. This one to Caucus4Priorities | Read More »