Will Congressman Heath Shuler Debate Carl Mumpower?

    The congressman has already fled me once when faced with a question of debating his challenger. Watch what happens when I ask the question again…If you think Congressman Shuler should debate Carl Mumpower and Keith Smith, please call his offices and ask why won’t he?Has he been captured by Washington Values?Washington Number (202) 225-6401Asheville Number (828) 252-1651I am sure we would all benefit from seeing | Read More »

    In Any Debate I’d Put My Money on McCain

    Senator John McCain’s substantive responses and unflappable demeanor at his town hall meeting in York, PA on Tuesday filled me with hope for the fall presidential debates. Based on McCain’s performance, I’d say he could beat the silver-tongued, glass-jawed Senator Barack Obama in a debate on Obama’s terms, moderated by the editorial board of the Village Voice, with no prior knowledge of the questions himself | Read More »

    I Have A Request

    Hello everybody. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m new here.In fact, I’m not even what you would call “conservative”. I’d like to think of myself as a moderate, perhaps even liberal in some areas.But hear me out. I’m not hear to insult your views, even if I don’t agree. That’s not what I do. I am humbly requesting some debating time, and so this diary | Read More »

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