A Tribute to 38 New Members of the House and Senate

    On The Rush Limbaugh Show of July 29th, a tribute was given by Rush to the Tea Party freshmen in the House who put country over party. There are 25 or 30 courageous Republican freshmen who held out for this. This is the media, befuddled over these Tea Party freshmen. Last night it’s on Anderson Cooper 19 on CNN he spoke to senior political analyst | Read More »

    Why Even Have A Debt Ceiling Limit?

    The debt limit is really what filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock used to call a “MacGuffin” – a device used to propel the plot forward, even though it may be meaningless. The debt limit or debt ceiling concept dates back to 1917. Prior to that date, Congress had to specifically approve any new borrowing done by the federal government. For convenience’s sake, Congress then decided to periodically | Read More »