Obama is the worst President since World War II

    Obama is the worst President since World War II

    That legacy thing isn’t working out so good for President Obama. A new Quinnipiac poll finds that voters now say Obama is the worst president since World War II. Obama is less popular than President George W. Bush. Voters, by a 45 to 38 percent margin, say the country would be better off if Mitt Romney had won the 2012 presidential election. Ronald Reagan is considered the | Read More »

    Jesus Christ was a progressive liberal….

    Ok so he wasn’t and I am sorry for using an inflamatory title just to get you in here reading, but I am sure you have heard Jesus called this by many on the left. So since you are here lets briefly look at their argument and where they are wrong. Jesus stood against the Roman Empire so he must have been a progressive. Wrong. | Read More »

    Game Over!

    Today on Today at NBC (National Barack Channel) Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) said in an interview aired Tuesday that the cost of the mortgage bailout plan may rein in his ambitious plans for health care, energy, education and infrastructure. Obama’s comments reflect the possible new constraints on the next president’s ability to expand or start programs or cut taxes. The government financial interventions of the | Read More »

    McCain’s “Horrible” Deregulation of Health Care

    I saw this on factcheck.org, and I haven’t seen much on this site about it. So I thought I’d chime in. McCain recently penned an article in a health care industry magazine, where he proposed some deregulation for the health care industry. In that article, which was written before the current financial crisis, McCain mentions financial market deregulation in passing.Obama lept on this article, using | Read More »