DeFazio Has a “Fix”

    The Dems are already tying themselves in knots over the recent ruling. The link is here: Corvallis Gazette Times The money quote from DeFazio is this gem, ”I believe buying insurance should be a choice, not a matter of federal coercion, but with that choice comes responsibility.” I wonder if he came up with that before or after he voted for the bill.

    “Don’t think we’re not keeping score” — bipartisanship under the Obama administration

    (cross-posted at SLC Republitarian) The President may be a lot of things, few of them flattering, but one thing he is not is politically stupid.  Becoming known for calling out Republican rivals, Obama is now, carefully, working to spread the word that His Excellency will brook no deviation from within the ranks.  And, though he has the political acumen to hide his threats in laughter, | Read More »