So, Obama looks inevitable ? Then welcome back Carter days.

    Yes, I have seen the media full of glee, so I can only make the connection that Obama is riding up in the polls. Ok, so Obama is elected; what next ? I’ll take one thing. Energy. Although Obama has seem to have been a proponent of offshore drilling recently, that does not mesh with statements in the primary nor any of his Senate actions. | Read More »

    Obama’s Plan To Disarm America

    Obama exhibits very poor judgment when it comes to anything important. He seems like a vacuous waif who practices speech voice inflections but does not think — Puppet like in his actions. Apparently Obama wasn’t around for the latest successful anti-missile interceptor test. Now think for a minute, what would we do if a nuclear tipped missile from Iran or North Korea were headed to | Read More »

    View From The North – National Defense

    While you can point not just to the bailout but about 90% of what the federal government does as unconstitutional “provide for the common defense” is unquestionably the most important thing the federal government does. So the latest rumblings that the defense budget may take a hit with the bailout should be a concern to every American. Why is it that the Dems promote every | Read More »

    McCain Handles The Important Issues Right

    John McCain clearly has the really important interest of Americans and others as the key purpose of his presidency. I am a professional on renewable energy, I owned a solar power installation business, we all know that is one of the most important issues for people in the USA and around the globe. McCain has given great care and time to consider this issue and | Read More »

    Defining Country First

    John McCain succeeded far beyond our expectations of the man. He hosted a rousing GOP Convention with the theme “Country First”. While Sarah Palin absolutely dominated the news coverage, John McCain’s message of selfless service did tug the heart strings during the last third of his acceptance speech. “Country First” puts pressure on Senator McCain. It demands that he define that concept in the tangled, | Read More »

    Things I will never forget; September 11th

    I originally posted this last year. However, many friends and acquaintances’ ask me what it was like to be at The World Trade Center on September 11th. This, I believe aptly describes that day from the ground.I will only add this preface from Emerson; Not unless God made sharp thine earWith sorrow such as mineOut of that delicate lay couldst thouThe heavy dirge divine The | Read More »

    Boilerplate Attacks on Sarah Palin – And How To Respond To Them

    The long knives are out for Sarah Palin, but upon closer examination the knife has no teeth and is as blunt as a baseball bat. Here’s a list of some of the attacks being leveled against Sarah Palin and some easy responses. (collected from many different websites, for and against, all credit to whom and where it belongs) Below are 33 boilerplate attacks and possible | Read More »

    How Would President Obama Handle Russian Expansion

    Timing is a funny thing. Just a few days ago Russia invaded Georgia, in an attempt to rein in a nascent democracy that Russia has always considered to be within its sphere of influence. And yesterday Poland and the U.S. come to agreement on ballistic missile defense and reciprocal defense. What a curious coincidence, huh? Would a President Obama be willing to commit to the | Read More »

    Drill for National Security

    The opponents of increased domestic drilling complain that it will take too many years before the oil it produces will get to market, and that it will make very little difference in the price of gasoline at the pump. Both arguments are totally without merit, as I have shown here, here and here. But let’s forget all that for the moment. Though high prices at | Read More »

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