Mea Culpa… Alright Already.

    One thing’s for sure, any time I drift off the reservation our readers are going to let us know about it. I’ve gone back and forth on this budget thing so much I’m beginning to feel like a yo-yo (grin). My somewhat (I thought) reserved approval of the Republican budget agreement and our House Majority Leader John Boehner drew a lot of heat very quickly, | Read More »

    The Unification Factor.

    The ruling junta braces itself for the firestorm of American voter disgust that’s manifesting itself into a political tsunami which could sweep all before it. It’s no secret that the not-so-thinly disguised Marxists that make up the bulk of Barack Hussein Obama’s administration may be planning exit strategies soon… as some already have. Likewise, the most radically left-leaning Democratic Congress in our country’s history is | Read More »

    Welcome Back, I Think.

    First of all let me thank Dee, who aside from her own schedule and work on our site, found time to lend her considerable journalistic talents covering for me while I was off for a few days. I was out of touch for much of this week, so it was with great pleasure that I read Dee’s articles this morning. Her essay into the comparison | Read More »