We support the people of Iran

    It has been said on numerous occasions and by various politicians and pundits that it was an extraordinary week in the life of the nation of Iran. On June 12, from the very moment that the Iranian presidential election results were announced, the international community and the international press questioned the results. The primary reason for our disbelief in the declared result is that millions | Read More »

    “Democracy” in Iran and The United States

    Originally Published at The Minority Report It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times. The results of the past weekend have coalesced the thoughts in my mind of the similarities and the differences between “democracy” in Iran and the United States. Last weekend, as Iranian citizens took to the streets in protest of what they perceived as a stolen election, I | Read More »

    A Hard Lesson

    Iranians are discovering a principle, with this presidential election, that many people worldwide don’t understand. In fact, most people in the United States don’t really comprehend the principle of democracy. Many people, especially in the Democratic party, believe elections are the lifeblood of a democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Elections are only a gauge that indicates the will of the people. Elections | Read More »

    THROWBACK: On patriotism and democracy

    In one of Redstate’s previous iterations, several years back, some of us maintained a running debate on the meaning of patriotism. The old archive site does not lend itself to facile searching, so I fear that much of what follows will be both repetitive and inadequate; but this was always (for me at least) a fruitful conversation, despite its many difficulties and frustrations, and I | Read More »

    The sophistry of lefty rhetoric on taxes

    Todd Beeton at MyDD argues that the right is out of touch on taxes and quotes Gallup. It turns out that his argument is mere sophistry. Gallup says: A new Gallup Poll finds 48% of Americans saying the amount of federal income taxes they pay is “about right,” with 46% saying “too high” — one of the most positive assessments Gallup has measured since 1956. | Read More »

    A Cause for Revolution

    When we think of a “revolution,” no doubt the first ones that come to mind are the American Revolution and French Revolution. Whatever the case, whichever one comes to your mind, they all hold a common link. The people decided once and for all that they were sick and tired of how they were being governed, of how the people they put into power were using the power they | Read More »

    I Like Lamb Chops, But That Sheep Has A Gun

    Quote Of The Day

    So yes, this or that government initiative might work better if everyone was on the team (and then again, it might not work at all, in principle). But it appears that it is sometimes necessary to lecture good-government types on the fact that, in democracies, the diversity of opinion is a predictable side-effect of freedom of conscience and expression. As such, it is a constraint | Read More »

    Complete Total Utter Socialist Insanity Is Breaking Out All Over

    I am watching CNBC tonight and here comes Wilbur Ross…billion workout specialists saying we HAVE to bailout the auto industry. Their problems are not from foreign competition overseas. No it is foreign competition from Southern States that gave incentives to attract Japanese car makers to build plants in the South. This on top of the UAW saying that any bailout money from the government can | Read More »

    A timely quote from 20+ years ago

    Andy McCarthy posted an article today at the corner that includes a quote from a Robert A. Heinlein book. If this doesn’t give us insight into what things would be like under Obama, I don’t know what does. The America of my time line is a laboratory example of what can happen to democracies, what has eventually happened to all perfect democracies throughout all histories. | Read More »

    The Larger Objective of ACORN registration fraud

    I have been thinking hard about the peculiar nature of ACORN.However, I encountered finally the most enlightening article of ACORN and its intension:ACORN’s ultimate goalFor withholding democracy, it is a must read!

    We The People…government of the people by the people for the people

    Never before have I seen so much arrogance. A man that plans his victory site before WE THE PEOPLE vote. I would love to see the NYT headline on November 5th read….McCain wins by landslide……but the follow up would read….Democrats cry foul and racism!

    Democracy or Socialism

    I am watching President Bush & the PM of Italy speak and I just realized why Obama & the Dems want to pull out of Iraq. They do not want Democracy in Iraq, nor do they want Democracy here. The Democrats hope the attempt in Democracy in Iraq fails. They are taking us closer to Socialism. That is their strategy.

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    Mr. Ed’s Musings, Vol. II

    More random thoughts from an often warped mind….Last night I slept like a baby. I woke up hungry every two hours and had to go to the bathroom.When referring to amputations and paralysis, why is the descriptor always “down” instead of “up”? For example, why don’t they ever say the leg was amputated “from the knee up”? Or, the accident left him paralyzed “from the | Read More »

    The debate we must have.

    Some months ago we learned something that should have surprised no one — at least no one in the least bit familiar with the stultifying intellectual paralysis that afflicts much of the Republic on the subject of Islam. We learned that various federal agencies, including Homeland Security, are expressly resisting the use of descriptive terminology — “jihadist,” “Islamic terrorist,” “Islamist,” etc. The reasoning here is | Read More »

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