The Dem Temper Tantrum In Wisconsin

    Am I missing something here? Wasn’t there an election this past November where Republicans replaced Democrats in the Wisconsin legislature and governor’s office? I think there was. Members of the Democratic Party and their union thug allies are ignoring the results of that election where Wisconsin voters elected a Republican legislature and Gov. Scott Walker to clean up the out-of-control spending in the state. As | Read More »

    DADT No Longer Enforceable; Epic Democratic Fail

    Yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge Virgina A. Phillips, a Clinton appointee who ruled a month ago that Clinton’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy (DADT), used by the military to discharge homosexual members who have made their orientation public, was unconstitutional, issued an injunction yesterday to stop the federal government from enforcing DADT. I went through the ruling and have to say that if I were | Read More »