The Right Response to Swatting

    There is a new tactic in use by the left called “swatting” that we on the right will find abhorrent. While the activity involves local law enforcement and the politics of personal destruction, we must realize that the effort is coordinated across state lines and violates federal law. But mostly, while sometimes it is wise and effective for us to use the left’s tactics against them, this is not one | Read More »

    Stop calling it the “Mainstream Media”

    It may induce heartburn for political junkies to admit it, but elections are not decided by the hardcore, politically-minded, engaged partisans or ideologues on the Right or the Left. Sure, a motivated base is very important, but elections in our divided country are decided in the middle, by the moderates, independents, and undecideds. So why do we tell these election-deciders, every single day, that the | Read More »

    The Morning After The Event

    In the aftermath of the GOP Presidential debate in New Hampshire, the DC and establishment-centric bloggers have all pronounced the winners and the loser. They have all decided that Romney, Bachmann, and Gingrich won. The biggest loser of the night was Pawlenty. I am going to listen to Rush for his take on this later today. Here are my morning after reflections. I do not | Read More »