Oh For God’s Sake Man, Quit Whining!

    It is inescapable.  The headlines are everywhere in the press and on the Blogosphere.  “President Blames GOP for Making Life Harder on Unemployed” “Obama Pins Lagging Economy on Obstructionist GOP” “Obama Blames GOP for Lack of Jobs” “Obama Blames Republicans for His Own Stealth Appointments” “Obama blames GOP for lack of bipartisanship” “Poor Jobs Report in August; Obama Blames Republicans”.  Enough already!  I feel compelled | Read More »

    Republicans Must Attack Democratic Congress

    Other than a handful of lines by Fred Thompson, Republicans have done virtually nothing to attack the Democratic Congress at this week’s convention. That needs to change. Democrats have now controlled Congress for nearly two years, during which time pretty much every indicator voters claim to care about – unemployment, inflation, the deficit, the price of gasoline and on and on – has gone in | Read More »