Makin’ Book

    Any body know any place that is making book on who will be the next group the Democrats will be demonizing? Is there a pool anywhere? Who don’t the unions like? Got doctors,pharma,hospials,insurance companies. Any body any where that is in an executive position,energy industry. Who will they next demonize? I’m backing small to medium size business.  Lean on them and set them up for | Read More »

    Democrats nearly double Limbaugh’s audience

    The Democrats’ conspiracy to demonize Rush Limbaugh, directed from the Obama White House, has the talk radio icon laughing all the way to the bank. Friday’s U.S. News Political Bulletin reports Rush Limbaugh is a clear winner this week: His ratings have nearly doubled since his feud with the White House burst into the media limelight. Byron York asked Rush about the effect the Democrats’ | Read More »