Congressional Democrats think Americans can’t read…

    …think, remember, and/or pay attention: As President Obama’s approval ratings sag and the mood of voters sours, some Democratic congressional candidates are distancing themselves from the White House, with the back-channel blessing of party officials. The candidates are positioning themselves as independent voices no less frustrated with the Obama administration than people back home. Let’s take a look at these ‘independents’ that the article mentions | Read More »

    Mike Berryhill challenging Dennis Cardoza (D, CA-18).

    [UPDATE] Mike’s campaign site is now up; contribute here. CA-18 is a D+4 district that voted for Bush in 2004; incumbent Cardoza ran unopposed in 2008.  Of course, that was before unemployment in Cardoza’s district hit double digits*, and why Cardoza’s yelling for help from the federal government, while treating Speaker Pelosi like the radioactive career-killer that she is.  Mind you, Cardoza’s also ducking those | Read More »

    Pelosi Radioactive in… California?

    It’s no surprise when a Southern Democrat in a GOP-leaning seat – someone like Parker Griffith – runs like a scalded dog from Nancy Pelosi. Indeed, if Democrats hold a narrow edge in the House after the 2010 elections – a genuine possibility – they will nervously count the Blue Dogs to see how many will withhold votes from Pelosi. But it should be surprising | Read More »

    Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-CA) Avoids His District Completely

    Some Democrats seem afraid to meet with constituents during the August recess. That might describe Congressman Dennis Cardoza, but we may never know. According to his local press, he’s not going to his district at all this month: Normally this is the one time of the year that we can expect to hear from our Congressman. Traditionally there are Town Hall meetings to give the | Read More »