Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL-12): Hey, Let’s Do Zero-Based Budgeting

    I knew there was a reason I liked Representative Dennis Ross (R-FL-12): Before I was honored by you, my fellow citizens, to serve in Congress, I spent the past 20 years owning and operating a small law firm in Lakeland. I met a payroll, provided health insurance and knew that every dollar of waste was a dollar too much.

    Dennis Ross abruptly removed from Iranian envoy slot.

    First off, let’s avoid euphemism, particularly when it involves the Iranian regime: Dennis Ross does not have a ‘Jewish background.’ He is Jewish. Jewish mother, observant of the Conservative sect of Judaism, co-founded a synagogue.  And bless him for all of that, although the anti-Semites currently in control for Iran certainly wouldn’t; it’s hardly surprising that they don’t want him as envoy from the USA.  | Read More »