The Long Dark

    Do we, as conservatives, stand at the ‘end of days’ for America.  When will the majority of people recognize the threat and reign in the corruption in Washington? The answer I am afraid of is ‘never’. Maybe we are at the end of the ‘grand experiment’ when the people riding in the wagon outnumber the ones trying to pull the wagon. I am really trying | Read More »


    Remember your wits

    I have heard and read a lot of panic and resignation out there. On the edges of it are despair. Hedge fund operators talk of the new economy of canned food and ammunition, and buying farmland in Canada. Normal family men evidence a peculiar despondency, retreating from the world. What is this? Today is the last day to capitulate to despair. Today is the last | Read More »

    Democrats are my ex wife 5

    Obviously, I suppose, my first marriage was doomed. We had a world view incompatibilty situation. As my signature line indiactes, I do believe that none of us are without sin. I think that in any relationship there are sins of commission, ommission, and acquiescense. Sometimes we commit the wrong, sometimes we ignore, often without realizing it, the other party or our responsibilities, and sometimes we | Read More »