Déjà vu, American Détente Period — Part II?

    A world gone backwards?  If you take the word “Détente” seriously. Détente is a French term denoting the “easing of tension” and was first used in 1971 to describe the Cold War nuclear treaties between the US and Soviet Union. This false sense of security of treaties with enemies sworn to our destruction was fully embraced by Jimmy Carter and later banished by Ronald Reagan; | Read More »


    The Paradox of The 38th Parallel

    South Korea, aided by American and other international forensic investigators, issued an exhaustive report last week, establishing the North Korea culpability. But no one expects war. (HT: The New York Post.) For years we have tried negotiations and sanctions to get North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Il to behave rationally. In the words of US UN Ambassador Susan Rice, last year’s resolution against North Korea | Read More »