Names for fake Republicans are multiplying!

    There’s growing recognition of the problem of statist politicians who run as faux-conservatives in order to get elected. Arlen Spector was famous for morphing into less-of-a-statist every six years for decades…until a real conservative, Pat Toomey, forced him to admit he’s really a Democrat. In NY-23 Dede Scozzafava refused to sign a no-tax-increase pledge…and then did so (to great fanfare) after being overcome by a | Read More »


    One of the best acronyms I’ve seen lately. Mark Steyn wrote a blurb on The Corner talking about the special election in NY District 23. This race has heated up tremendously but Mark Steyn came up with a perfect description for someone of Dede Scozzaflava or Arlen Specter’s ilk. DIABLO – Democrat In All But Label Only! Newt really needs to re-think his support for | Read More »