Social Media: Of Neural Networks and Kabbalah

    We have certainly seen a great deal of drama over the weekend concerning the community aspect of Red State, and the tendency of like-minded people to consistently recommend diaries by other like-minded people.  The drama has generated more heat than light, and the shouting matches over terms like “cabal” and “clique” no doubt delight the opponents of that overarching belief system shared by all members of the | Read More »

    Idea for the Editors: Approving first diaries before posting them

    As RedState grows more popular, more users are posting diaries without following the rules. (Hey! Follow the rules, will ya, goshdarnit!) The diaries are too short, or don’t contain analysis, or are weak attempts to imitate the hillion jillion RonBot conspiracy-theorist “it’s those dang Jooooooooz!” diaries posted here during the Republican primaries. Naturally, we’re all annoyed to see good diaries get pushed down and ignored. | Read More »


    Be advised. (If your diary has gone missing, read this)

    I am about to go through, in about five minutes, and delete a whole slough of one-line diaries. The diaries are not the place for you to drop in a link and one or two sentences. If you don’t have al least two substantive paragraphs on something, do not post it in a diary. Post it in an open thread instead. When you do that, | Read More »