Dick, Armitage

    Speculation is running rampant over to whom, if anybody, President Bush will issue a last minute pardon as his time in office expires.  It is at least as likely that Bush will not issue any 11th hour reprieves, given that he has issued fewer pardons than any recent two-term president.  But everybody has their favorite candidate.  Even this guy: “I hope he pardons Scooter [Libby],” | Read More »

    Hank Waxman is still investigating the Val Plame leak.

    The name is Dick Armitage, Mr. Chairman. Hank Waxman, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Committee wanted President Bush to give him docs regarding their FBI interviews in connection with the erstwhile Joe Wilson Scandal. Deputy Assistant Attorney General Keith Nelson wrote the Administration’s reply, saying, in part: “The attorney general has requested that the president assert executive privilege with respect to these documents | Read More »