So, the DNC declares that Cheney’s a proponent of torture.

    (Via Hot Air Headlines) Explicitly, and as part of the pushback to the Cheney interview where the former Vice President weighed the current President in the balance, and found him wanting. Democrats hit back just minutes after Cheney’s interview aired. The Democratic National Committee fired off an e-mail to reporters disputing Cheney’s argument that the CIA records released last week showed the enhanced interrogation techniques | Read More »

    Just another reason I love Dick Cheney.

    HT to the smartest guys around at PowerLine… From FoxNews Sunday with Chris Wallace. WALLACE: You don’t get the choice to make it 20/20 hindsight. In 2007-2008, was it a mistake not to take out [the Iranian nuclear] program? CHENEY: I think it was very important that the military option be on the table. I thought that negotiations couldn’t possibly succeed unless the Iranians really | Read More »

    Cheney Was Right

    Rowan Scarborough has the top story at Human Events today. The CIA’s harsh interrogation techniques saved countless American lives by forcing al Qaeda chieftains to disclose a string of sophisticated terror plots to infiltrate the United States with cold-blooded killers.That fact is established in two documents released Monday by the Justice Department, hours after they released the CIA Inspector General report which Attorney General Holder | Read More »

    The Crimes of Congressman Dick Cheney (D-NY-15)

    After I finished watching the ‘good’ part of the O’Reilly factor I became bored and went channel hunting. Making my way down the dial, hoping to find a spongebob marathon I skimmed across a MSNBC teaser. “It’s a Dick”-Caption. Announcer: “You know who is back and you won’t believe how he wanted to use US troops to go into US territory to arrest US citizens. How | Read More »

    Policies of the Eeeeevil Dick Cheney Alive & Well in Obama White House

    So lobbyists and executives representing the energy industry having private talks with the Vice President represent same kind of evil cabal, while lobbyists and executives representing health care interests have nothing but the good of the people in mind. Right. Health care industry executives on White House guest list President Barack Obama’s administration began holding private meetings with health industry executives at the White House | Read More »

    Dick Cheney: Our Willing Punching Bag

    Just a quick (for me) thought to say simply, I like Dick Cheney. When the typically laconic Wyoming “cowboy” does speak, liberals fear to argue directly with him. He’s direct, to the point, and able to cut through the fog of doublespeak and eviscerate the two-faced. The worst thing he ever did is shoot his partner, but under the context of bird hunting, this is | Read More »

    On the “Cheney Didn’t Tell Us” Lie

    I’m on record that this story is a distraction designed to take the heat off Nancy Pelosi lying about and smearing the CIA. It is also a distraction for conservatives who tend to focus on national security issues instead of things like socialized healthcare. Nonetheless, while Democrats are screaming that evil Dick Cheney did not tell them about a CIA program, the former Director of | Read More »


    There is a game of distractions being played in Washington, D.C. right now. It is both intentional and designed to minimize conservative strengths. We must not play the game as the left would have us play it. Here is how the game is played. The President pushes cap and trade to the Senate while also advancing socialized healthcare. As those balls advance, the Attorney General | Read More »

    Gay rights apologetics, versus reality.

    Susan Estrich used six hundred and six words to convey the argument that gay rights activists really can still get meaningful action from this administration. I can rebut that argument in four: Proposition 8 exit poll. Moe Lane PS: No, not happy about it.  I support same-sex marriage.  You know, like Dick Cheney. Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    Quick-draw Panetta has it backwards again

    One would expect the current American DCI, at any point in time, to be the most informed person in the world. OK, probably the heads of Mossad, the Chinese Army, and MI-6 all come in front. But hey, work with me, my friends. Alas. No. Panetta, whose previous intel experience seems to consist of having helped Hillary run Bimbo Eruption Eradication Patrols (BEEP program, henceforth), | Read More »

    President Obama finally has a chance to show his mettle.

    Now that it’s come out that the President’s stance on Gitmo is deeply, deeply unpopular with the American people (via @BrianFaughnan): WASHINGTON — Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to closing the detention center for suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay and moving some of the detainees to prisons on U.S. soil, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds. By more than 2-1, those surveyed say Guantanamo shouldn’t be closed. | Read More »

    VP Cheney’s federalist approach to same-sex marriage.

    It’s a crying shame that we have a President who isn’t as willing to be progressive on this issue as either Dick Cheney, or myself: Essentially, he favors it, but he wants to let the states decide how to best approach the marriage issue. This is a perfectly acceptable strategy to me, as you all know: I just wish that it was acceptable to the | Read More »

    Vichy Republicans

    The year is 2003. Tom Ridge is chatting, explaining what’s going on with Homeland Security, having a seemingly good time. His good natured counterpart in the conversation lets Ridge run with the conversation. The other party in the conversation is Rush Limbaugh. Ridge had called into Rush’s show. Over the past twenty years Rush has been on the air, people like Powell, Ridge, and others | Read More »

    Mr. Ridge and Mr. Powell thank you for the input, but I must politely say “f**k off

    In 1986 I ran a campaign in Upstate New York.  It was a primary campaign for an open seat and it was more then obvious that the potential to be very negative was there. I had the better candidate.  We were heavily financed, he was known and very well liked, plus a record of cutting taxes and providing jobs.  He was ideal. We had the | Read More »

    Dick And Liz Cheney, The Dynamic Duo

    As we  saw this week, the death of conservatism in America has been greatly exaggerated! What America witnessed this week was a true American statesman at work. Actually, two great statesmen. The second being a woman, and daughter of the first. This week, former Vice President Dick Cheney took on the President of the United States, Barack Obama, in a serious national security debate. And | Read More »