Cheney is a creep. But, don’t indict him.

    Cheney lied us into unnecessary wars. Then, Cheney personally profited from those wars through his business interests. He endorsed torture, twisted our constitution to suit his purposes, and generally fits Joe Biden’s description of him as “the worst vice president ever.” Republicans should agree. Cheney betrayed all their conservative economic principles, did nothing to advance their domestic agenda, and discredited their foreign policy credentials. During | Read More »

    Dangerous Satire: The Bidens at the Naval Observatory

    Joe and Jill Biden dropped in on Dick and Lynn Cheney today at the U.S. Naval Observatory on Thursday. I could argue that the following transcript accurately reflects what was said, and it just might in a parallel universe, but, alas, this is satire. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ DOORMAN: Mr. Vice President, Mrs. Cheney, the Bidens are here for | Read More »

    John McCain Doesn’t Need a Dick Cheney

    Chris at Unequivocal Notion posits Obama picked up Joe Biden not because it’d excite the base, but because Joe Biden will be able to help Obama govern. McCain picked up Sarah Palin because it’d excite the base, not because Sarah Palin will be able to help McCain govern. If only Republicans put as much effort into governing as they put into running campaigns. I think | Read More »

    Here’s to Dick Cheney…

    If you were afforded the opportunity to jump into a time machine and appear in front of a twenty year old Adolph Hitler, would you go? If you were allowed to tote with you any gun of your choice, knowing what you know now, would you put a bullet right between his eyes? You would of course change history. You would have prevented the slaughter | Read More »

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