Response to Diddy

    It’s amazing that people talk about issues in this campaign. Can any of you Dems or Diddy define any of the issues or policies associated with your candidate’s “hope and change” motif? Please humor me; name just one. Oh, and by the way Diddy, Clinton was from a state that also began with an “A,” and he too was a Governor with similar experience which | Read More »

    P Diddy Blog #16: Who’s Buggin’ Out, McCain or You?

    P Diddy Blog #16: Who’s Buggin’ Out, McCain or You?P Diddy has just posted an outrageously intellectual (insert sarcasm) blog on why we should not vote for John McCain and why Sarah Palin is a bad choice. The sad thing about all of this is people actually listen to P Diddy. Even sadder, a lot of people have the same reasoning skills. Warning! The following | Read More »