The Fallacy of “There Is No Difference”

    I imagine I’m young again. I’m playing a hand of Demon Poker against the Boyoes. I’m watching the dead cans of Mr. Brewski get crushed against foreheads. The pots get bigger and the players more inebriated. I start to hone in on how these opponents react to their cards. I’m looking for what the really good poker players call a tell. There is a contractor | Read More »


    At the risk of seeming to be flippant (which I unapologetically am) or appearing to insult people without their knowing it (which I am not. see flippancy comment), here goes nothing… Senator McCain AND Barack Obama want (according to published statements) to pursue alternative fuelsto get Usama bin Ladento reduce taxesto battle climate changeto improve the affordability of the medical system (I prefer ‘disease care’ | Read More »