Responding to Peace Action West

    Peace Action West responded to Diggs Brown’s response to the a survey about foreign policy that I wrote a diary about last week. Their response is so full of logical fallacies that it would take a month to deconstruct. Most of it is an appeal to authority of a list of dubious foreign policy experts (really, Arnold Schwarzenegger?). Rebecca Griffin tries to play off of | Read More »

    Straight Talk

    Have you ever wished a political candidate would dispense with the usual evasive answers and speaking, but never really saying anything? I found a candidate that has done just that. Diggs Brown was sent a survey by Peace Action West, a liberal peacenik group. Here are some partial excerpts from Brown’s response: Do you support negotiating with Russia for deep reductions down to 1,000 or | Read More »

    Diggs Brown Joins CO-4 Race

    Diggs Brown formally announced his candidacy for the Fourth Congressional District of Colorado at the Best Western Hotel in Loveland Colorado on Saturday, Nov. 16th. Many in the district have been waiting for Diggs to return from his tour in the Army and announce his candidacy. There was a good turnout at the event to welcome Diggs home and cheer him on into the race | Read More »

    Draft Diggs Brown for Congress

    He can’t make the case for himself… he’s too busy defending us. So let’s see if we can convince him to throw his hat in the ring when he comes home. Isn’t it time we elected a hero to Congress? Diggs Brown is a Major in the U.S. Army Special Forces. He’s currently deployed as part of the Global War on Terror, helping to protect | Read More »