NY Governor: Jesus Was Black

    Barack Obama has been criticized for his career as a self-aggrandizing busybody, aka community organizer. Of late we’ve been told that Jesus the Christ was a community organizer (on the basis of what evidence I’m more than a little unclear), this presumably is to let us know just how IMPORTANT, nay VITAL, this job is. I mean if this syllogism is true your very salvation | Read More »

    Former Cheerleader Campbell Brown Joins the Obama Campaign

    Sometimes tiny slips of the tongue can be quite revealing. Today the Washington Post’s Howie Kurtz is making the McCain campaign out to be the bad guy for pushing back hard on some of the most scurrilous press coverage supposedly legitimate media have ever served up on a public figure: Alaska Governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Naturally, Kurtz delves into the contretemps over | Read More »