There’s a place in the world for violence

    A recently published book, Prelude to Catastrophe, analyzes the thinking and actions of highly positioned Jews in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration who wanted to help the Jews of Europe but struggled to find the best ways to do so. I haven’t read the book yet, but I mention it because I want to share with you a passage from David Frum’s review of it that | Read More »

    Russia: Is Obama Masking Free Market Idealism with Disarmament?

    The Obama administration is not exactly a well-spring of free market rhetoric.  Whether President Obama is endorsing  cap-and-trade, increasing corporate taxes, or demarcating between Wall Street and Main Street, one thing is for sure—Obama is not an outright free market aficionado.  The president has overtly positioned himself as an antagonist to Big Business.  Admittedly, Obama is a corporatist—and a rather selective one at that.  For | Read More »

    Bluster, Appease, Ignore, Deny.

    The four pillars of Obama’s policies… it seems that they are remarkably alike both for domestic or foreign consumption. Obama’s technique when confronted by a domestic issue is to bluster his way through when confronted… appease his way through or around the issue… ignore it and pretend not to know anything… or deny it altogether, it never happened. Obama and Medvedev Sign. The problem with | Read More »

    Obama Administration to Negotiate Away Another Military Technology

    Defense technology has always been a great interest to me. I sleep well at night because the US is the pre-eminant technological military on earth. But that is a very fragile thing. Technology moves so rapidly it has been estimated that without proper investment the US could fall behind on many military technologies in as little as a half a generation. The Russians and the | Read More »

    Bandaging the Bruised Bear

    Every baby boomer remembers the 1964 Goldwater campaign ad, which juxtaposed innocent children, pledging allegiance to the flag, with an impassioned Nikita Khrushchev waving his finger in the air vowing, “We will bury you…your children will be Communists!”  Khrushchev’s warning was the impetus for American teachers to hustle students into hallways instructing them to close their eyes or go blind from the blue flash.  The | Read More »

    Obama, the UN-Reagan

    Listening to Barack Obama address the UN General Assembly one would think until January 22, 2009 America was a nation void of values that failed to be an example to the world.  Obama asked the General Assembly to disregard what rouge dictators, despotic leaders and countries like Iran, North Korea and Russia view as the “character and cause” of the United States and to instead | Read More »

    When certain people agree with you it is time to rethink your position

    Blix Backs Obama’s Nuclear Strategy Friday, May 1, 2009 Email This Article Print This Article Print All Articles U.S. President Barack Obama’s pledge to work toward a nuclear weapon-free work marks a step in the right direction for the international community, former International Atomic Energy Agency chief Hans Blix told Foreign Policy this month (see GSN, Oct. 8, 2008). “President Obama’s speech in Prague has | Read More »

    Seven Days in May but this time it works

    Pentagon Won’t Echo Obama No-Nukes Pledge Thursday, April 23, 2009 6:25 PM Article Font Size         WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is starting work on a nuclear mission statement that envisions the U.S. maintaining its atomic weapons stockpile for the next five to 10 years, a far more cautious stance than than President Barack Obama’s dream of a nuclear-free future.   The “nuclear | Read More »

    The Disarmament Crowd are as Sharp as the Edge of Town

    A group of disarmament activists led by main sponsor the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) have issued two reports advocating deep cuts to the nuclear arsenal and a massive reduction to the weapons infrastructure. First, the NRDC are a far left environmental group that has opposed pretty much every weapons system the US has ever wanted to deploy. So their latest report is not too | Read More »

    Obama Starts Unilateral Disarmament

    President Obama has been in office one week. 1) Wants a treaty to ban space weapons. A treaty of this kind is imposible to verify, if fact it is hard to even define a “space” weapon. ICBM’s travel through space. The latest ballistic missile interceptors hit their targets close to space or in near space. What is also interestiing is that the Joint Direct Attack | Read More »

    Year 2010: Big Brobama and The Decline of Western Civilization

    Big Brobama has completed a world tour of diplomacy in 2009, as promised. He has been greeted by fawning Europeans and Africans and even Egyptians. His meetings with Ahmedinejad and Putin were spun into successes by the international media, since he came back to D.C. with pieces of paper promising disarmament and good behavior. Taxes have been raised to class-warfare levels, and unemployment is rising, | Read More »