Keep your websites off of the Disqus comments platform


    Here at RedState, I always try to be mindful of who we’re trying to speak to here. I always assume I’m writing so that citizen activists can be informed on what issues are out there, how they relate to our core values, why they matter, and how to navigate the political world to achieve those policy aims.

    But sometimes I come here to write about the nuts and bolts of online activism. Today is one of those times. My message this afternoon is simple: If you care about what’s on your website, at all, then do not put the Disqus comments system on your site. You will lose control of what’s there.

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    The Watercooler ~ Open Thread

    Okay, so now that I’ve been doing the Daily Open Thread for ten days (started it on Feb. 1), I am considering a schedule change. I have no control over the way Disqus moves things around and, basically, from what I have observed they “rate” diaries based mainly on how many comments they receive. I’m not even sure they consider stars in their ratings but, | Read More »

    Regarding Disqus

    I want to update the community on Disqus and our use of it.What you must understand first is that we have a growth plan for RedState over the next few years and we needed to push our redesign forward now, before election traffic, because up until the redesign launch RedState was crashing every day. It might not have been noticeable to you, but each day | Read More »