HuffPo distortion contortion

    Susan Crile proves that Huffington Post willfully distorts any fact that can be found about Sarah Palin. In a HuffPo post about the attempted hijacking of a State of Alaska web page (See Web Page Hijack FAIL), Crile says: “Sarah Palin’s lawyers — already busy handling the dozen legal complaints that are pending against the Alaska governor — are now doing legal battle with a | Read More »

    Media 101: .1

    Obama said today on CBS’ “60 Minutes”: “…we shouldn’t worry about the deficit…” This coming after explicitly blaming the Bush Administration for “record high deficits” during the last 8 years. Also, agreeing apparently with VP pick Joe Biden on the likelyhood of an upcoming terrorist event during his early Presidency: “…because transition periods are potentially times of vulnerability to a terrorist attack,” he said. This | Read More »

    Media 101: How to distort news in 5 easy steps

    Distorting the news is child’s play. Here’s how it’s done…1. Take a quote from a well-know authority figure, such as Newt Gingrich, former House Speaker, one of the authors of the GOP’s Contract With America and frequent guest on cable news programs where he comments on all matters political. This one from Gingrich’s appearance on today’s edition of “Face the Nation” on CBS will do | Read More »

    Orwell Was Just a Little Early

    Alright, I know that sounds like hyperbole. Let’s go through this one step at a time and see how much it sounds like hyperbole after I’m done. So what are the main conditions in 1984? The world is at constant war, the media is controlled by the government, and will blatantly lie at the government’s behest since, in their reality, government is the only truth. | Read More »

    AP writer borrows from Axelrod’s peeps to distort Palin

    In an article steeped in mischaracterizations and mistruths, the Associated Press’ Beth Fouhy distorted Governor Sarah Palin’s words then contradicts herself with the actual quote she distorts. After Governor Palin spoke highly of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Obama mouthpiece Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Florida) uttered: “Sarah Palin should spare us the phony sentiment and respect. Governor Palin accused Senator Clinton of whining.” Beth Fouhy then wrote: Palin praised | Read More »