Citizens and Americans

    I am a citizen of the United States of America by birth, but American by choice. Two very important labels that I am proud to wear. Here are a few others that other people have attempted to apply to me: conservative, liberal libertarian, Italian-American  political animal catholic, Mormon moron, american invader, killer pro-life, pro-choice anti-gay, homophobic misogynistic, christian atheist, centrist RINO, republican …and many more. So who cares? THEY do. Why does it matter what | Read More »

    Division spells (D)-(I)-Vision

    Personally, I enjoy watching the moderators, well, moderate (on their own). They have such a style and panache, that mere mortals like myself clumsily if not, wantonly practice. I am unlikely to develop this “super-power” without reaching the Gladwell-10,000-Hour Rule, which I am certain some regulars here may be approaching. In our current primary, I have attempted to highlight “let the best campaign win” since | Read More »