Democrats Exposed Naked on God and Jerusalem

    The real momentous news at the DNC yesterday was not Bill Clinton’s Clintonian speech.  It was the imbroglio over God and Jerusalem in the party’s platform, when party leaders were forced to reinsert references to God and Jerusalem to the dismay of the party faithful.   Here are a few points to consider: 1)      The two parties are a mirror image of each other in terms | Read More »

    Forward, Really?

    Forward™ reads the DNC motto in delusional Stalinesque grandeur. They are marching beyond traditional boundaries. God is a mere delusion. Strike it from the platform. America’s love for Israel is from that crazy Jeebus Book. We can’t defend that (expletive) country in a Democratic Party platform. Plus, Progressives have moved far beyond mere serfdom or chattel slavery. We don’t belong to the landed gentry, nor are we private property. With successful nationalization; we now only belong to the Government! Big Brother is now watching – even when you skinny-dip.

    The DNC has run all three ideas up the flag-pole and watched with amazement when lightning struck the same flagpole three times. The DNC has now made like Brave Sir Robin and bravely ran away. It started with the “We Only Belong to Government” agitprop from the North Carolina Central Committee. Obama couldn’t proclaim its non-existence, so he disowned the North Carolina State Party by refusing to agree that it was done in his name. This will make it vastly easier for North Carolina Democrats to disown Barack Obama while the run down-ticket this November.

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