TARP has a 10% ROI. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

    Back in late 2008, I was taking it easy one evening and the phone rang. Brother in law says hey, you watching TV? Well, flip it over on CNBC. Something is going on. I said that CNBC isn’t on at night. It was on this night. Oh my. Worldwide financial meltdown. They rushed out President Bush with Treasury Secretary Paulson to fib and say it | Read More »

    Hidden Danger in Dodd Financial “Reform” Bill

    I was reading an article about the financial reform bill on OpenMarket.org tonight and I found this comment that got me thinking:  And the bill’s definition of  “nonbank financial company” is so broad that it could cover manufacturers only tangentially involved in extending credit, such as those that lease equipment to their customers. So, I decided to check it out.  I went to Senator Dodd’s web-site | Read More »

    Pelosi Throws An Elbow

    Funny how the ruling majority in Congress behaves when the light shines a little too brightly on their smoke-free backroom shenanigans. Despite their self-delusions of openness and transparency, the Democrats mean to get health care done behind closed doors with no interference (read “close inspection”) from the media or the American people. As the pressure mounts for them NOT to do that, the perpetrators are | Read More »

    No HELP For Dodd

    The AP is reporting Dodd will not take over for Ted Kennedy as chairman of the Senate HELP Committee, but will instead continue destroying the financial sector as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. Lucky us.

    Dodd Predictably Cleared By Senate Committee On Ethics

    In what can only be described as anti-climatic, Barbara Boxer’s Senate Committee on Ethics declared in a letter on August 7 that even though Chris Dodd was part of a VIP program at Countrywide that “often offered quicker, more efficient loan processing and some discounts” to it’s members, he was not in violation of the Senate ethics rules. Here’s what I don’t get: no one | Read More »

    2010 – Back to Sanity! Conservative Candidates Belong to ALL of US!

    Here’s the movement name- “Back to Sanity!” – Winning back the House and Senate in 2010 I need your help with basic info to get this going. Here’s the simple idea – Build a list of the top 100 Congressional and Senate Races that are crucial to winning a majority in both the Senate and the house in 2010. List them in descending order of | Read More »

    Chris Dodd Is On The Ropes, But Won’t Be Knocked Out By Just Anybody

    The Hour is reporting that Greenwich businessman Steven J. Simmons thinks he can challenge Chris Dodd for the Connecticut senate seat in 2010. I know nothing about the guy, and neither does anyone else, I suppose. From the article: “The latest Quinnipiac poll indicated that any Republican put up against (Dodd) would win,” Republican Town Committee Chairman Art Scialabba told The Hour. Unfortunately, that is | Read More »

    Foley Announces He Too Will Challenge Dodd

    Former Ambassador to Ireland Thomas Foley announced today that he too will challenge Chris Dodd for the Connecticut Senate seat, making three announced Republicans already lined up for a 2010 primary. Politico, the Hartford Courant and Capitol Watch have more information. Foley has a website that can be found here. Cross-posted at The Artful Doddger.

    Chris Dodd’s Lack Of Empathy

    Connecticut has been host to a number of cases in Supreme Court history that have had a profound impact on the legal landscape of our country, such as Griswold v. Connecticut, and more recently, Kelo v. City of New London. Over the past few weeks, as most Connecticut residents have noticed, the Constitution State is again at the center of the legal universe, this time | Read More »

    Another Q-Poll, More Bad News For Dodd

    Quinnipiac University released their latest poll at 6:30 this morning, and ultimately it is more bad news for Chris Dodd. At first glance there appears some reason for hope on Dodd’s part, but I don’t think the results should make him feel any better. The poll was conducted between May 20-25, when Dodd was getting free play on every network for his credit card legislation | Read More »

    Dodd On Sotomayor

    I love reading and writing about the politics of the Supreme Court and the nomination/confirmation process. I hope to have the time to write on it with some frequency in the coming months. I will try to do so without losing sight of the fact that this is a blog about Chris Dodd. With that in mind, here is what Chris Dodd had to say | Read More »

    Room For One More? Schiff Leaning Toward Challenging For CT-Sen

    According to this report at The Plum Line, Peter Schiff is more likely than not to jump into the race for senate in Connecticut. Peter Schiff, a Connecticut-based brokerage firm owner who has been widely hailed for predicting the U.S. financial meltdown, says he’s “leaning towards” challenging Chris Dodd’s reelection next year, a move that could make the contest a nationally watched media event. “It’s | Read More »

    Another Primary Challenger For Dodd Is Good For Republicans

    Colchester native and Democrat Merrick Alpert announced today his intention to challenge Chris Dodd for the Senate  in 2010. His website can be found here, and he got a coverage both nationally and locally, including from the Boston Globe, National Review Online, The Day, Politico, The Hill, CT Local Politics, and ConnPoliticsTV. Alpert seems to have already created a stir amongst Democrats in the state. | Read More »

    “Done With Dodd” Rally Tomorrow In Hartford

    Connecticut Resistance is sponsoring a “Done With Dodd” rally Saturday, May 16 (TOMORROW!) from 12pm – 3pm at Dodd’s office at 30 Lewis Street in Hartford. The fine folks at the Official Connecticut Tea Party website are promoting it, as well. I am out of state for the weekend, but I hope it draws well and gets some media coverage. Cross-posted at The Artful Doddger.

    Chris Dodd Picks Up Key Endorsement … From Tehran

    Chris Dodd’s support of criminal investigations into legal research he finds disagreeable got some favorable coverage from PressTV, a “news” organization funded by the Iranian government. The article describes how Dodd “ridiculed,” “rejected,” “criticized” and “contradicted” Obama for his backing away from the idea of investigations after releasing the “torture memos” from Bush’s OLC. While he has support for his foolish proposal from a Tehran-backed | Read More »