Someone’s Been Waterboarding Chris Dodd With Kool-Aid

    Perhaps he was playing to the crowd of lefties he was performing for. Perhaps he thought it would help his floundering poll numbers. Or, most disturbing of all, perhaps he actually believes his analogy is apropos. In any event, Chris Dodd on Sunday defended the ridiculous notion of criminal prosecutions for those who authorized waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques that were indisputably applied to | Read More »

    Chris Dodd Dismisses Another Budding Scandal

    Promoted by Mark Impomeni This morning’s Sunday Courant brought with it more questions about the benefits Chris Dodd’s powerful position as Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee bring him, though this time the benefits are a half-step removed. Over the past year, much has been made of the special treatment and sweetheart mortgage deals Dodd received from his friend, Angelo Mozilo, at Countrywide. Questions have | Read More »

    A Reminder Why Beating Dodd Matters: Souter Reportedly To Retire From SCOTUS After This Term

    NPR reports that Justice David Souter has advised the White House of his intention to retire from the Supreme Court following the current term. With all the recent US Senate developments, from the self-serving defection of Arlen Specter to Sen. Bunning’s reported retirement to Minnesota’s ever-more apparent election of an idiot, the stakes could not be higher. It will be terribly difficult for Republicans to | Read More »

    4:1 Odds On “Friend Of Dodd” Indictment

    Portfolio magazine put together a list of the most likely former CEO’s to end up getting indicted, and the list included none other than Countrywide’s Anthony Mozilo, the now-infamous Friend of Dodd who curried favor with numerous politicians by providing them VIP deals on mortgages. Angelo Mozilo, Former CEO, Countrywide Legal issue: The company faced predatory lending charges from about 11 state attorneys general. Mozilo | Read More »

    More Miscalculations From Chris Dodd

    Via National Review Online, Chris Dodd made the following statements, revealing what he thinks of you and me, his constituents:      “When I go home,” Dodd says, crossing Constitution Avenue in the fading light, “people don’t ask me about the warrants, or the accountability standards, or how much transparency there is, or what am I doing about systemic risk. I mean, some do, obviously, like community bankers and businesspeople who are | Read More »

    Chris Dodd Goes All In With His 7-2 Off-Suit Face Up

    Apparently deciding to stick with his recent populist pandering, Chris Dodd is getting some press for this: The Senate passed an amendment to an anti-fraud bill yesterday that would create an independent outside commission, complete with subpoena power, to investigate the causes of the crisis on Wall Street. The amendment was written by Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA), but was cosponsored by, among others, Sen. Chris | Read More »

    The Downside For Dodd In Outraising His Opponents By $1 Million

    Promoted from diaries – Moe Lane. Campaign fundraising numbers for the first quarter of 2009 were release a few days ago, and Chris Dodd came in with a $1.05 million haul, well ahead of his challengers (Caligiuri at about $45k and Simmons not reporting any significant fundraising). Generally when a three decade incumbent out-raises his potential challengers by a million dollars in a quarter, even | Read More »

    Chris Dodd: When It’s My Fault, Let’s Not Point Fingers

    Don Michak at the Journal Inquirer had a good article on Thursday (read the whole article) pointing out yet another Chris Dodd hypocrisy. Though many may not remember, in 1999 Dodd was the “unsung hero” (according to Fortune Magazine) in passing the Graham-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act, which repealed portions of the New Deal-era Glass-Steagall law that regulated the banking industry. It is exactly this | Read More »

    Is the Honeymoon Over?

    As the course of the Obama administration continues plowing through the first 100 Days likes a bull in a china shop (or a bear through a stock market), you have to wonder if the post-inauguration high is waning. Beyond the number of cabinet nominees that have had problems (what are we up to now, 6 or 7?), we’re starting to hear about divisiveness in the | Read More »

    Has The Dump Dodd Movement Been Too Effective?

    Has Sen. Chris Dodd’s fall been too precipitous? Has Kevin Rennie been too competent at reporting the stories the “real” investigative reporters have missed for years? Has the grassroots movement to oust Dodd been too effective? If the goal of that movement has been to replace Dodd with a Republican, the answer may be yes. According to Rennie at RealClearPolitics, Democrat Roger Pearson of Greenwich | Read More »

    Everybody Beats Dodd In Latest Q-Poll

    The latest Q poll is out, and despite his seemingly endless repetition of the worn out “all I can do is my job” line and his protestations that he intends to run again, Chris Dodd and Democratic party leaders have some serious thinking to do. The poll, released this morning, shows Dodd getting crushed in a match-up against Rob Simmons, 34/50, and losing to Sam | Read More »

    Off The Wire: Dodd Low On Dem Support And Lower On Cash

    Politico reports on the substantial dissent that is growing amongst those in the Democratic party here in Connecticut. Bloomberg has an article on Dodd’s cash shortage. ABC talks to Rob Simmons about Dodd and the 2010 race. And via Gateway Pundit, the collected scandals of Chris Dodd: Cross-posted at The Artful Doddger.

    Another Felon For Dodd To Get Pardoned?

    As reported by the Washington Times yesterday and covered in this post (thanks to Moe at RedState for promoting it to the front page), AIG chief exec Joseph Cassano is an FOD (Friend of Dodd). He raised some $160k in a few months for Dodd by pressuring his peers and subordinates to pony up. Well, it looks as though he may have more trouble than | Read More »

    You’d Be Foolish Not To Contribute To Chris Dodd’s Campaign

    Promoted from diaries. – Moe Lane. In today’s Washington Times there is a report about how a bunch of AIG Financial Services executives were “asked” by their CEO to donate to Chris Dodd’s campaign, and to encourage their subordinates to do the same. Read AIG chief executive Joseph Cassano’s email for yourself. Was this more than just a suggestion? Well, the boss said he wanted | Read More »

    You KNOW Dodd is Toast When They Beg

    This was just sent out by Kerry’s Machine Hello [unsuspected conservative plant], The Republicans will do anything to stop President Obama from winning the 60 Senate seats he needs to pass his agenda. That’s why they’ve set their sights on taking down Ted Kennedy’s partner on the biggest progressive fights on the last twenty nine years: my friend Chris Dodd. We can’t let them. We | Read More »