Crowded Democrat Agenda Gets More Crowded?

    Just a few weeks ago, Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats seemed content to ignore the gay community. When Barack Obama’s DoJ began to sound much like George Bush’s, even Barney Frank told the gay community to shut up and like it. But it seems that Democrat leaders are afraid to lose an important source of campaign donations. So according to Roll Call, legislation to appease | Read More »

    Carrie Prejean – Political Fodder

    Carrie Prejean’s fall from grace was not about gay marriage. Her story is not about free speech. The Prejean story is about power. It is about identity politics and political scores. It is about old fashioned payback and the collectivist mind. The Carrie Prejean story is about making a person a martyr in order to calm a political ally. Her story is not new. It | Read More »

    Prop 8 hate: Gay ain’t married to King

    Originally published by our Legal Editor, Mike “gamecock” DeVine as Charlotte Law and Civil Rights Examiner for After the most liberal state in the nation rejected same-sex marriage at the ballot box for the second time this decade, protests rallies were held across the nation, including here in Charlotte. Some gay rights activists point to the defeat of same-sex marriage with the passage of | Read More »

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