Christie to Corzine: ‘Man up, and *say* I’m fat.’

    Via Hot Air comes this Neil Cavuto piece on Don Imus’ interview with Chris Christie, where Chris addresses the two central issues of the Corzine campaign: Christie’s weight, and Corzine’s inability to even face that forthrightly. “Hey listen: if you’re gonna do it, at least man up and say I’m fat.” The phrase ‘wusses out’ was then used – accurately – followed by a couple | Read More »

    Diddling Dave, Don Imus, And The Media

    Given the DEFCON 1 national fury in 2007, I wonder how Don Imus feels about the “equal” outrage filling the various media over Letterman’s calling Gov. Palin’s underage daughter a “ho!”… and his other guttural flatulence regarding Sarah Palin and her daughter (here and here). Oh, that’s right, diddling Dave didn’t use the word “ho” did he… hmmm. When am I going to learn the | Read More »