Thoughts on Election Doomsday Scenarios

    On the cusp of a natural disaster created by two powerful and opposing forces (namely a tropical cyclone and arctic air from Canada), it is ironic to see talk increase of potential doomsday or nightmare scenarios for the Presidential election. Human beings (and the media in particular) have always had a fascination with unlikely yet consequential events (as opposed to covering the consequential events that | Read More »


    Why can’t Congress debate this proposal instead of arguing how to expand socialism

    I am 100% against the original rescue plan set forth by President Bush. Moreover, I like each new proposed wrinkle to the plan even less than the original. Is listening to Republicans discuss the U.S. government buying shares of private companies and characterizing that as a good and necessary thing a sign of the apocolypse? Unfortunately, we are being held hostage. I mean that both | Read More »