Dorwin Award*: Robin Carnahan.

    Watch with some amusement as Missouri Secretary of State (and Senate hopeful) Robin Carnahan (D) refuses to answer two simple questions: Does she support the House’s health care rationing bill? and What is her opinion on the Stupak amendment? (See also: The While Carnahan’s response to the first question might be at least considered a standard attempt at mealy-mouthing, and thus not overly outrageous; | Read More »

    Dorwin Award*: Larry Sabato.

    Watch this PJTV interview (via Instapundit), if you would.  The stuff on the Senate is very interesting – established wisdom this far out is that we’re looking at an incremental shift – but even more interesting is the fact that, when the issue came up about whether or not the GOP would take back the House in 2010, Dr. Sabato did everything except actually make | Read More »