What a Real Leader Looks Like

    A real leader looks like Mike Pence. While John Boehner and Eric Cantor have rushed to line up with ACORN and support a Republican candidate in NY-23 who is to the left of her Democrat opponent, Congressman Mike Pence, the Chairman of the Republican Conference, refuses despite pressure to join Cantor and Boehner.Pence refuses to take shots at his own side, but is also refusing | Read More »

    Scozzafava v. Hoffman

    The National Republican Congressional Committee feels so threatened by Republican Doug Hoffman’s campaign, which the NRCC says is going no where, that they have taken to running attack ads against Hoffman. Their accusation? Hoffman is not as conservative as he says he is.Really?Okay. For sake of argument, let’s say Hoffman is not as conservative as he claims. That still puts him to the right of | Read More »

    Hoffman over Scozzafava: The Exception That Proves the Rule

    I am on record repeatedly saying that disaffected conservatives should not agitate for a third party. It truly makes no sense. Ballot access laws in the fifty states make it extremely impractical to mount a third party challenge except in very rare cases. Historically, those cases are premised on individuals who, once off the national stage, see their third party collapse, see e.g. Teddy Roosevelt | Read More »

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