Now NYT Wants to Cover Gosnell Trial?

    Five days ago, the New York Times pulled their reporter from coverage of the Gosnell trial, stating that the newspaper “had other stories to cover”. It was the only coverage by the “acclaimed” news organization since it announced the beginning of Dr. Gosnell’s trial back on March 19th, 2013. Yesterday marked the beginning of Dr. Gosnell’s defense.  Today, Judge Jeffrey Minehart has dropped three of | Read More »

    In The Fight For Life, Mar.26th, 2013

    We have so many things going on in the fight for life that I decided to try to highlight several events in one diary…. The trial of Dr. Gosnell is still ongoing.  Today, the jury heard evidence pertaining to actions of neglect on the part of the Dr. Gosnell and his staff by administering anesthesia to patients and then leaving them without anyone to monitor | Read More »