Primer on the California budget drama

    Moe has made a good start on explaining the California drama, but the story is quite a bit more complex and contains another case study in the Law of (Predictably) Unanticipated Consequences. On one key point, though, I think Moe is not quite correct As near as I can make out, the Republicans will not budge on tax hikes (which would require a special election | Read More »

    Socrates no more.

    Five years ago this month I began posting on Redstate.  I think it was already then, although I may have come in on the tail of  Erick was just another user; talented, but no more than many others present.  He was still practicing law then, you see.  Everyone had these wicked cool usernames, like ‘Tacitus’, ‘Plato’ and ‘Nick Danger’. Since I loved the | Read More »