Oil Pipeline spills 58,800 gallons (!) in Gulf of Mexico

    Accidents do happen. As hard as the oil tries to contain its product, there is no foolproof way to move the stuff around. Most oil is moved ashore from offshore platforms in pipelines. Today, a major twenty-inch diameter pipeline spilled 1,400 barrels into the marine environment. The salient points: The news media likes to report spills with larger numbers, so they usually use gallons (42 | Read More »

    Drilling for Oil off Virginia! (Don’t Hold Your Breath)

    From the diaries by Erick. If (and it’s a Big If) President Obama doesn’t reimpose the Presidential Moratorium on exploration of the Federal Outer Continental Shelf, the first new area open for bidding may be offshore Virginia. Article: Offshore Virginia may finally be ready for drilling The MMS recently issued a [Call for Information and Interest/Nominations and Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact | Read More »

    Hey, Big Oil! Is This Any Way to Run an Oligopoly?!

    Recall the good old days, before the election, back, oh, about six months ago. Here at RedState, it seemed that every other diary was titled “Drill, Drill, Drill” or “Drill Here, Drill Now!!!” or “Drill, Baby, Drill!”, or some variation on the theme. A common belief among liberal trolls, and even some die-hard conservatives, was that the markets for crude oil/gasoline are firmly in the | Read More »

    Sex & Drugs & Royalty-in-Kind

    From Energy Current: A report released by the Department of the Interior Office of the Inspector General has revealed ethical violations by employees of the Royalty In Kind (RIK) program. The report alleges “unbridled unethical conduct” by employees, including illicit sexual relations with both RIK employees and members of the oil and gas industry, illegal drug use, and acceptance of numerous gifts and gratuities from | Read More »