Keywords: Mossad, Dubai, Hamas, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, strangled.

    This post by Carden Chronicles is absolutely fascinating reading/watching. Part 2, Part 3 Missing, of course, is the footage where someone from Mossad made a courtesy call to Dubai’s General Department of State Security in order to let them know that a mutually-beneficial cleanup was going to take place. Mostly because you don’t have meetings like that where there are cameras. (Via AoSHQ Headlines) Moe | Read More »

    Distress in Dubai

    Some major news has been hitting global financial markets hard over the last day or so: there is a prospective default by Dubai World, which is an investment vehicle operated by the second-largest of the seven United Arab Emirates. It appears that a total of about $80 billion in debt is now at risk. About $10 billion of that is subject to rollover in the | Read More »


    Your first Thanksgiving weekend news dump.

    Hi: My computer died last night – Joy. Going out tomorrow (Double Joy) and get a new laptop. So that means for the time being, I’m limited to my Crackberry. Apologies for the links probably not being active. You know what to do: Highlight ’em and c/p to a browser for lookin’ in on ’em. ———– Dubai debt default Global stock markets tumbled Thursday | Read More »