Notorious Israel-hating Medal of Freedom recipient ‘not fully vetted’ by White House

    Do you feel better for reading this?  Well, I certainly feel better for reading this: A source has now indicated that she was not fully vetted, but that the White House feels that backing down at this point would make things worse. See Israel Matzav for more.  Much more (this too, of course).  In other words, it turns out that apparently the reason why Mary | Read More »

    So I’m reading this list of Presidential own-goals…

    …against his own supporters that Jennifer Rubin put together in her usual thoroughgoing and clearheaded fashion (H/T: Hot Air Headlines); when I came across the following sentence. And if that wasn’t enough, he chooses to honor, with America’s highest civilian award, Mary Robinson, who presided over the anti-Israel hate-fest at Durban in 2001 when serving as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. The President | Read More »

    USA to boycott Durban II.

    We are not going to the Bash-the-Jews Durban Review Conference after all: US boycotts UN racism conference Washington has confirmed it will boycott a UN forum on racism in Geneva next week because of differences over Israel and the right to free speech. The state department said the proposed text of the conference’s guiding document remained unacceptable despite having been amended significantly. Not very surprising, | Read More »