Latest voting results from California. Another surprise

    With only three days to go until the election,some very surprising numbers are still coming in from California. They are not matching the polls at all. The most respected polling organization in California is the Field Poll. They have been here for sixty-one years. Their latest poll according to,the website of the largest newspaper in the Silicon Valley,has Barack Obama simply obliterating John McCain | Read More »

    Stunning results in early voting in California. Smile redstaters

    California has begun early voting already as well as mail-in balloting. The number of people who have gone in to vote in person has been extensive. The results so far prove what we had always suspected. The polls are being proven as totally unreliable. Although the results of early balloting have not been disclosed,of course,how many Republicans and how many Democrats have voted has been | Read More »

    Why is BO pushing so hard for early voting?

    This is being driven hard and relentlessly, “I strongly encourage Floridians to continue casting their ballots before Election Day, either at an early voting location or by mail, so that Florida can deliver the change we need to Washington,” Obama told Miami voters. I believe that he is anticipating the truth and cover ups are going to be exposed, big time. I am still expecting | Read More »

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