Obama’s Economic ‘Dream Team’ Gives Us Nightmares

    More than anything thing else, President Obama was elected to ‘fix’ the economic problems that erupted last summer. People, wary of McCain’s financial credentials and fearful of economic meltdown, were willing to give the junior senator from Illinois a chance to prove his case. Obama promised several things that would bring the economy back on track. He promised tax cuts, a stimulus bill, and an | Read More »

    The lefty tax nuts must be going crazy

    Larry Kudlow is someone I really respect. So when I heard him say on CNBC today that Obama is selecting a center-right economic team, I wanted to do some research. He made it really easy for me in this piece from NRO: But what’s especially encouraging is the appointment of Ms. [Christine] Romer, who easily could serve as CEA head in a Republican administration (just | Read More »

    Eagleton Economics

    From CNN: Obama on Monday declined to speculate about how large the stimulus package would need to be, saying it’s important for his economic team to come back with a recommendation. “We have to make sure that the stimulus is significant enough that it really gives a jolt to the economy,” he said. “We are going to do what’s required to jolt this economy back | Read More »