New venture investment signals slow growth

    Venture Capital firms raised less money in the first quarter of 2010 than in any period since 1993, reports the Kansas City Business Journal.  The slow growth in the economy combined with a less favorable overall market contributed to reducing investment in new firms, even as the Dow Jones Industrial Average breached the 11,000-mark today. The National Venture Capital Association and Thomson Reuters released a | Read More »

    A Smokescreen

    Central banks are using the sub-prime mortgage crisis to effect a large consolidation of the financial services industry the world over, and they are going to do it with our money, like always.

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    Teetering on the edge of destruction

    It’s hardly surprising that the Hartford Business Journal is happy about the new Health Care Takeover legislation: Hartford has long been considered the Insurance Capital of the World, and the insurance companies are thrilled with the forced enrollment of 32 million Americans into their health insurance plans. With sweeping federal health care reform now on the books, business owners are scrambling to make sense of | Read More »

    ObamaCare Economics, 101

    About 48 hours after President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law, two of the US’ largest manufacturers announced that certain provisions of the law would result in significant charges being taken against the companies’ balance sheets. Heavy equipment manufacturers Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT) and Deere & Comany (NYSE: DE) both told investors and reporters that Obamacare would result in hefty charges.  | Read More »

    What Shall We Cut?

    Alright, America:  You bought it hook, line and sinker.  You voted for Obama and the Democrats in 2008, and now you have the Democrat’s Health Care Takeover legislation passed into law in March, 2010.  President Obama says he’ll sign it tomorrow. So now what are you giving up in exchange? It’s a very simple economic concept here:  Opportunity Cost.  An opportunity cost is the next | Read More »

    Krugman’s Crazy Crotchets

    Paul Krugman is getting sillier and sillier these days. He’s supposed to be an economist, and not long ago some people in Sweden gave him an award for his economic work. So why would he suggest that economic incentives just don’t matter? The New York Times columnist bashed Republican Senator Jon Kyl for stating that generous unemployment benefits can reduce the incentive to look for | Read More »

    The End is Near

    The End is Near The buzz is everywhere. Not the same “Repent, for the End is Near” religious fervor that one see’s from the images of Hollywood.  It is not that the “World” is coming to an end. The “World” will go on.  It is not that “Armageddon” is upon us – in a biblical sense.  Rather, the buzz is that our “Way of Life” | Read More »

    A Conservative on Campus?

    Just when you thought hope for conservatism was lost on college campuses, they let one of us take the wheel. I am a Master’s graduate nearing Ph.D. conferral. My dissertation is being written to demonstrate the overwhelming viability of lessened government intervention in free markets and reduced taxes as a conduit to lower unemployment, higher wages, and better benefit dissemination. I am also a proud professor of | Read More »


    Those of us who still read the newspaper comic strips (which now requires a fair-sized magnifying glass) are familiar with the Bumstead family.  Nominal head of household is Dagwood Bumstead, father of Alexander and Cookie, and husband to Blondie, after whom the strip is named.  The family has aged only slightly in the 79 years since it was first published.  The kids have gone from | Read More »

    Anti-Federalist No. 1 – A Nation Divided

    The Divided States of America: I will not start this blog off with a bunch of rhetoric about what this nation was founded upon. Instead I want to impress upon my readers what this nation does not stand for as of THIS date. Because we can go tit for tat about all of the bad things the U.S. government has done, and while it may | Read More »

    Reverse Course to Right Our Economy

    Can we just admit that the Stimulus was an $800 billion mistake that did absolutely nothing to help the economy or stimulate jobs? Can we admit that Keynesian economics are, at best, a scalpel being wielded as though a they were a machete? Can we admit that no centralized government planning will ever lead to greater economic prosperity? Because if you really can’t admit that, you really | Read More »

    A Serious Discourse on John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich Von Hayek

    Well, not maybe not serious, but I bet you’ve never seen Keynesian economics and Austrian economics debated like this:

    Lois Lane in Cambridge

    An ambitious young undercover reporter in an adorable red sari managed to crash a faculty cocktail party at an unidentified University in Cambridge, MA. Her mission was to investigate the sorry state of mathematics education in America. She landed this assignment ahead of more senior colleagues because her editor found that she was the only one on the staff to get higher than a C | Read More »

    Not the smartest Ivy Leaguer running the show

    I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from a relatively small (some may call higher end) liberal arts college, and I look at all that Obama has proposed and done, and am shocked at how he thinks this economy is going to improve. I will list some of the policies below. 1. Taxes – It’s been proven time and time again, that when | Read More »


    Feinberg Claws Back

    In yet another stunning economic folly, the Obama Administration has chosen to “claw back” the salaries of the top 25 executives at seven firms that received TARP funds last fall. In addition, the Treasury Department’s Kenneth Feinberg announced he would force American Insurance Group to restructure and reduce the $198 million contractual compensation packages at its financial products division. In contrast to previous years, an | Read More »