On Immigration and Education

    Newsweek published an article awhile back.  It is a “perspective” article, more an essay, from the point of view of an illegal alien. Oh, I’m sorry, did I not use the politically correct term “Undocumented,” as the article’s author did?  Please pardon me as I show no remorse over my lapse in progressive judgement.  Actually, don’t.  There’s nothing to pardon. While well intentioned, I am | Read More »

    Illegal Immigration has Consequences

    K. Gonzalez, the student of unknown (by me) gender who worked so hard to get into Berkeley, to pay for one semester, and wrote this about the experience, sounds like a wonderful person, with one exception: The part that breaks immigration law. But the editorial drone who wrote the headline needs to be slapped silly. A College Dream Ends Too Soon I worked hard to | Read More »

    Society’s Child and The Church

    Change is in the air, and the children are looking for a place to call home again. I’m referring to a school where they will spend a majority of their time from September to June. They are society’s children while they are in class, and parents have very little to say about what they learn. Then the Church has charge of some of these children for | Read More »

    As Far As Idle Hands Go, These Guys Are Total…

    I’m a victim. An innocent bystander drawn into the stupiding of our children (I like to make up words…it’s called thinking outside the box). One day while innocently researching for an upcoming blog, I came across this mildly interesting game link that tests one’s knowledge of middle eastern geography: http://www.rethinkingschools.org/just_fun/games/mapgame.html When your done no score is given. They just tell you “Complete!” Well, I thought | Read More »

    Teachers Union Seeks to Impair Charter Schools

    During its late conference held during the Independence Day holiday weekend, the National Education Association took up a series of new resolutions that targeted charter schools. The union was looking for ways to reign in the success of charter schools to make their own woeful attempts at education in the public schools look better. The union was also looking for ways to cash in on | Read More »

    A Conservative High School in Idaho?

    Idaho is about to get its first conservative high school, Nampa Classical Academy, to be opened next semester in Nampa, Idaho. Founder Isaac Moffett has organized the school as a public charter school. It’s about time that a school based on American exceptionalism again grace the land and Moffett aims to fulfill that very goal. Nampa Classical will teach Latin and Western classics, including the | Read More »

    Proselytizing Patriots

    I just did an informal survey with my three kids, the oldest of which is 20 and the youngest of which is 13. I asked them if they knew the lyrics to some of the classic Americana songs being played in the background while fireworks danced on the TV screen. I’m sure two of them were instantly upset at the third, who was sick and | Read More »

    Education Should be a Local Concern

       The federal Department of Education should be abolished, but unfortunately, it will probably never happen. There are too many people in both major political parties (most especially within the Democratic ranks) who are too beholding to the teachers’ unions. The AFL-CIO and the Teamsters can only fantasize about having the clout of the National Education Association and its subsidiaries. As a result of this | Read More »

    Nationalizing Public Schools

    Public education in the United States is broken. American children spend less time in class covering fewer topics with less depth than children in many other nations. American students are consistently outperformed by students from other nations in math and science, according to both the PISA and TIMMS assessments.  American companies no longer look in America to find the best and brightest engineers and math | Read More »

    Kansas High School Teacher Fired for Being Conservative?

    Early in May, Lawrence High School of Lawrence, Kansas fired government and history teacher Tim Latham. Latham charges that District 912 fired him because he is a conservative and many of his students have since rallied to his defense. Some 200 of them joined a FaceBook page in support and four appeared at a school board meeting on June 8 to advocate for their favorite | Read More »

    Will liberal Lawrence keep a conservative high school history and government teacher?

    Almost 200 Lawrence High School students joined a Facebook group, Save Mr.Latham, in an attempt to save the job of Tim Latham as a government and history teacher at Lawrence High School. Last night four of those LHS students appealed to the Lawrence School Board to renew Tim Latham’s teaching contract for next year.   See a video of their comments below.  Read the rest of | Read More »

    High Schoolers Taught ‘There’s a Whole World Full of Different Genders’

    Apparently most of us were ill served by our high school education. But, don’t worry, our children will have that fixed for them. You see, we oldsters were thoroughly misinformed into thinking that there was only two genders in the human animal: male and female. But now, through the wonders of the modern, radical re-education racket, comes the new-new way of seeing “a whole world | Read More »

    Teachers Union Up In Arms About… Smoking?

    As America’s dumbest generation gets dumber, teachers unions stand as an important stepping stone to educating our youth. Unfortunately, the stepping stones that the unions represent are paving a road to ruin as opposed to one of success. Still, one teachers union in Pennsylvania has used its power to great effect. Sadly, the effect is not one that has anything to do with education. On | Read More »

    Feminist Grammar That Isn’t

    Feminists are in essence an anti-intellectual lot. After all, the back flips they have to do to justify their anti-male crusade is an act worthy of Olympics style awards. Such are the illogical back bends that feminists must to do to justify their ideology that men become wholly unnecessary, biology and nature be damned. There are many intellectual outrages to education and tradition that feminists | Read More »

    Calling all Educators: Can the Science of Economic Success be Taught?

    This naive* article at WaPo and Megan McArdle’s response have prompted a thought, as to what it would take for even impoverished hard-cases to get themselves out of poverty. For that is the true story of America, the rags to riches story. It’s the story of an orphaned boy who is so poor his shoes have holes in the soles, who starts by selling newspapers | Read More »