Exploring Obama’s College Plan

    One of President Obama’s big plans is to Federally fund college in a way that will allow all Americans to attend, with the hope of obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree. Beyond the unsustainable economic situation that would create, and the problems it causes with regard to freedom in the country, it raises another question; one of intention. What is the purpose for such a proposal? First we should ask what the purpose of a Bachelor’s Degree is.

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    Charter School Teachers Attempt Ousting of Union

    Implicit in the right to associate with a union is the right to disassociate from one and the later is the right that the teachers of KIPP Academy in New York are trying to employ by attempting to oust the United Federation of Teachers from their places of work. Teachers at two KIPP charter schools in the Bronx and Manhattan, New York, took the action | Read More »

    Improving Education-Part 1

    Barack Obama, in his attempt to fix the economy, often talks about the “three or four legs of the stool.”  In terms of educational reform in this country, all too often the solution is the knee-jerk solution to throw money at the “problem” of improving educational quality.  And while there may be some tangential argument in favor of this, there ARE minimal or no-cost solutions | Read More »

    Teen Suicide Brings Wrong Call for Regulation

    No one wants to see a beautiful 18-year-old girl commit suicide. No one wants to make any worse the pain that surviving family members feel. No one wants to make light of the situation that causes a child or young person to chose suicide, either. But high emotion makes for bad laws and this is no exception. Last year, Jessica Logan imagined that she was | Read More »

    Free Speech For Students… Unless You’re Christian, That Is

    Our institutes of “higher” learning are all about being inclusive. They are stridently for freedom of speech and stand 100% behind the concept of open political debate. Well, unless you’re a Christian, that is. Christians, you see, are the only group that our fetid colleges and universities have agreed to discriminate against. Last week, another example of that well known “tolerance” our schools are so | Read More »

    Is it time for the GOP to be Pro-Choice?

    Pro Educational Choice, that is…… For some time I’ve been involved in a fight in my local community to get rid of a mathematics curriculum I think is remedial.  The group fighting to bring real math back to our schools has pushed the county school board to dump the remedial program and adopt a more rigorous program.  To be honest, until recently we hadn’t accomplished | Read More »

    The Problem With Education Spending Explained

    There is lots of talk about what needs to be done to fix education.  The big push is that we need to spend more.  I do not totally disagree, nor do I totally agree.  The bigger problem right now is not how much we spend but how we spend it.  To me it is like a trip to the grocery store.   Lets say you | Read More »

    More on the Durbin Child Expulsion Amendment.

    Senator Durbin, why do you want to throw these kids out of their schools?

    Professor Calls Police on Student Supporter of 2nd Amendment

    The assignment for Central Connecticut State University student John Walberg and his two classmates was to give an oral presentation on a “relevant issue in the media.” The three chose school violence for their topic. After the oral presentation was over, professor Paula Anderson of Communication 140, promptly filed a complaint with the CCSU Police against student Wahlberg claiming he made students “scared and uncomfortable.” | Read More »

    Congress Letting Kids Fail In Bailoutville

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York has been a self-styled education mayor. He’s made all sorts of proposals and tried several different angles — some good some not so good — to improve the education of the kids of New York. He has, though, been a proponent of school choice and this advocacy looks to be a success, at least for the kids of Harlem’s | Read More »

    Terrorist To ‘Lecture’ Illinois Kids

    Dear Illinois,   Thanks for Paying me to talk to your kids.   Love, Bill Ayres,   writer, teacher, terrorist Illinois you have the honor of seeing your tax dollars go to pay terrorist William Ayers to “lecture” students at the University of Illinois. Not only will he be “lecturing” your students for a week at the Urbana campus, but your tax dollars at work | Read More »


    More on Where Our Schools go Wrong

    U.S. colleges are demanding. That’s right they are sternly demanding. You see, they are all upset that the Japanese government is not promoting study abroad for its citizens and they are demanding that the Japanese government get more of its citizens to pony up the cash for a U.S. college degree and if the people won’t do it, why these U.S. colleges demand that the | Read More »


    How else does California waste school tax money? Maybe teaching Spanish to Spanish speaking kids?

    A program designed apparently to make the non-English speaking kids, and kids fluent in, ahem, Spanish feel better about themselves, is costing California taxpayers money we were just told we didn’t have. It’s called the Advanced Placement Program, which is a program that offers college level courses at high schools across the United States and Canada, and is usually much more rigorous than the general | Read More »

    Vermont Board of Education Says No to School Choice

    Even though the Vermont State Board of Education is now stacked with the handpicks of Governor Douglas, it seems to be under a “Stockholm Syndrome” sort of grip of the Education Establishment.  And so they’ve decided not to endorse, consider, or even hardly acknowledge a survey of the attitudes of Vermonters toward school choice (they’re for it!) co-sponsored by the Friedman Foundation and Vermonters for Better Education. | Read More »

    Zero-Tolerance Idiocy Continues

    The Columbus Dispatch has the details: A Northland High School student could be expelled after playing with a Nerf foam-dart gun in school. Devon Smith, 14, said he could not resist firing the toy at a friend after a classmate brought it to class. “He was shooting at another one of my friends, and I moved closer, and I had a shot and missed somebody,” | Read More »