Latest Stimulus Idea: Keeping People in School, Out of Workforce

    Clearly I need to hit the econ books again. I would have thought that spending $250 billion on state education systems over the next few years would contribute to a reduction in overall economic growth, as opposed to an increase. It seems that many states are encountering budget trouble, and are being forced to consider cuts that would force students to forego higher education, in | Read More »

    My history class essay… on the subject of history.

    I started college this year at the tender young age of 35. I’m enjoying it so far. Due to leftist bias in higher education, my American history class has been somewhat challenging. I recently wrote a short essay on the subject of history. I’ve aced all my essays so far, so I hope the prof. is fair in judging this one. I thought it was fairly | Read More »

    Conservatives Create Opportunities, Not Programs: Education

    This is the first in a series of conservative solution proposals. I have no idea how many more I will do. I just know that we have to have an answer to the programs the liberals and conservatives have been implementing for the past couple of decades. For the past eight years (some might say twenty), conservatives in government have been acting like democrats. We’ve | Read More »

    Pennsylvania’s Corrosive Strike Culture

    The Wall Street Journal recently had an interesting article on the extremely high percentage of teacher’s strikes in the State of Pennsylvania. The Journal noted that Penn. teachers account for an astonishing 42% of all teacher walk outs in the nation. This, apparently, despite the fact that Pennsylvania’s teachers are some of the highest paid in the nation. The strikes take place despite the state’s | Read More »


    University must return to the pursuit of objective Truth

    Warner Todd Huston  in his “The  GOP cannot win until…” is absolutely correct.  Education is the key.  And there is no doubt about the indoctrination  by the Left,  which actually starts in K-12 and continues through the University. I will argue that the key to the success of the left-indoctrination may  also be the key to counteract it. The left indoctrination (be it in our | Read More »

    The GOP Cannot Win Until…

    Of course we are all roaming around trying to figure out what will work, what hasn’t worked and whose fault it all is. Powell blasts Limbaugh, Limbaugh replies, voters blast McCain, the moderate Republican illiterati try to blame it all on Palin and the social conservatives, the conservatives say the country club set has destroyed us, and EVERYONE knows that the GOP acted like drunken | Read More »


    A Great Candidate for Education Secretary

    The school chancellor in Washington, D.C. is a reformist Democrat named Michelle Rhee. She has spent the last 18 months attempting to shake up one of the worst school districts in America, to give the children in the nation’s capital a chance at a quality education. The Wall Street Journal profiled Rhee recently: In going after tenure, Ms. Rhee is taking on the holiest citadel | Read More »

    Harvard Rip-Off Artists

    Harvard University has reported an $8 billion drop, or 22%, in the value of its endowment between June 30 and December 1, 2008 to $26.9 billion. Further losses are expected. Poor Harvard. You would think they wouldn’t even care about all that money, being rabid preachers of anti-capitalism every day. But don’t be fooled – modern-day elite socialists love money more than any other people | Read More »


    Public School ‘Reformers’ Don’t Reform

    (Apologies for font/size problems. It just comes out that way.) “Tenure is the holy grail of teacher unions, but it has no educational value for kids; it only benefits adults,” said so-called ‘reformer’ Michelle Rhee, the chancellor over the last 18 months of the Washington, DC public schools. Which is obvious, and which all sounds fine and dandy, as if she really is a ‘reformer’. | Read More »


    How Colorado Teachers can get their Union Dues Refunded

    In Colorado, teachers are not required to join a union to do their job. But of those that do, there is a state law whereby they can get a refund of the part of their dues that goes to political activism if that teacher is against the union’s use of the money for political ends. So, teachers in Colorado that oppose the causes and candidates | Read More »

    Is this a can of worms worth opening?

    From Georgia State Senator Seth Harp: “Merging Historically Black Colleges such as Savannah State University and Albany State College with nearby white-majority schools, Armstrong Atlantic State University and Darton College, will save our taxpayers and the state a significant amount of money. It is not my intention to close any of these institutions, but to strengthen them and make them better. HBCUs should keep their | Read More »

    $4000 educational refundable tax credit

    I was looking at the Obama plan for education on They are a little sparse on details, but the way I understand the plan is this: Most students will be eligibile for a $4000 refundable tax credit to be used for education, in exchange for 100 hours of community service. My thoughts on the matter are these: $4000 dollars for 100 hours of work | Read More »


    Vouchers and Charter Schools

    Conservative Republicans tout school choice – school vouchers and charter schools – as the means to liberate low and moderate income families from failing public schools. While I don’t disagree that vouchers and charter school offer an excellent short term solution, the question is, will they hurt more than they help?

    Yes, Indeed

    “The Obamas Walk Away From Public Schools.” C’est la phrase juste. And the following is right on the money as well: . . . it’s wonderful that the Obamas had such a broad range of public and private school choices available to them. What’s puzzling is that the president-elect opposes programs that would bring that same easy choice of schools within reach of families who | Read More »

    A challenge (and plea) to EPU (and others)

    From the diaries by Erick. I want to teach a course called “Foundations of Conservative Thought”. I need a syllabus and a reading list. Sad to say, and as conservative as I am, I do not have a very good idea where to start. Conservatism has always made sense and come naturally to me, and as a result I have not put together a comprehensive | Read More »